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                 04/25/2014 09:36 AM  
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04/23/2010 05:43 AM ID: 83878 Permalink   

Woman on Blow Dart Spree


A woman reported feeling something hitting her chest while standing in front of a bar. Three more people called police reporting similar occurrences in downtown Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

One of these people said she saw a dart come from a black pipe sticking out of a minivan. Police stopped this vehicle and found a blow gun, a sling shot and a bucket of rocks along with driver Paula Wolf.

When questioned, Ms. Wolf admitted to shooting at people smoking outside a downtown bar and to also breaking the window.

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"Three darts is TOOOO MUUCCCCHHHH!!
  by: MannyisHere     04/23/2010 06:48 AM     
  See, she was hust trying to help them  
...quit smoking via negative reinforcement. She´s a public servant.
  by: VermiciousG     04/23/2010 04:14 PM     
Don´t give her legal defence any ideas :/
  by: rippler2k3   04/23/2010 07:56 PM     
  it´s time for tougher gun control laws  
Oh wait. She wasn´t using a gun.

Time for tougher blow dart laws
  by: WillyMaykett   04/23/2010 08:34 PM     
  Quote from source:  
"Police said Wolf admitted to shooting the pedestrians, none of whom were seriously injured, telling an officer “she liked to hear people say ouch” when she hit them."

Mwahahahahah. That´s one odd fetish right there. Damn.
  by: spiggy   04/23/2010 09:20 PM     
Probably not even the actual darts. Probably just the little plastic balls or as I used to call them "Cat Bonks"
  by: VermiciousG     04/23/2010 09:53 PM     
a woman with an oral fixation...nope nothing to comment here. Moving on.
  by: DarkMood   04/27/2010 05:38 PM     
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