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                 04/17/2014 05:37 PM  
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02/16/2010 07:53 PM ID: 82930 Permalink   

19-Year-Old Gives Bouncer a "Mike Tyson"


An underage lady was asked by the bouncer of a nightclub to stop harassing customers. The unidentified club, on Union Street in Seattle, was the site of the attack of the girl on the bouncer.

He states that she threw her arms around him and tried to bite his ear. He successfully avoided any serious damage and pushed off the young lady.

She escaped but was soon apprehended by Seattle Police responding to a complaint of a "Tyson-esque" attack on the club´s bouncer.

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  by: djskagnetti     02/17/2010 12:36 AM     
at 19! When do they grow in Seattle?
  by: skcusswentrohs     02/17/2010 01:04 PM     
  Ah damn...  
I thought it meant they put a Maori tattoo on his face.
  by: treyjazz   02/17/2010 06:39 PM     
How does he know that she´s not into the ruff stuff?
  by: questworldz     02/18/2010 09:45 AM     
  I don´t get  
alcohol laws in the States. To me 21 is too old - a lot of laws treat you like an adult at 18 anyway. Basically, the government tells you you can go to war and die for your country at 18, but you can´t have a drink. It´s all a bit silly really.
  by: TWeaKoR   02/20/2010 08:15 PM     
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