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                 02/24/2018 02:36 PM  
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02/11/2010 10:06 AM ID: 82860 Permalink   

Autistic Slaughterhouse Designer Played by Claire Danes in Biopic


Actress Claire Danes will be playing in an upcoming HBO film the role of Temple Grandin, known for revolutionizing slaughterhouse design. Despite suffering from autism, Grandin managed to earn advanced degrees in agricultural science.

The film looks at Grandin´s life as a teen on a cattle farm owned by her aunt and uncle, where her attention is focused on understanding what causes cows´ moods to change and how they move. Catherine O´Hara plays her mother, Eustacia.

At one point, Grandin gets on all fours and tries a contraption meant to calm bulls while being inoculated, and learns what hugging means since autism makes all physical contact with others undesirable. This inspires her to build one for herself.

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If she is who I think she is, she can basically pinpoint things that are bothering cattle, like a hanging rope. She agrees that most people wouldn´t suspect it is the rope because thats just normal for us, whereas for the cow, who is already stressed, sees that foreign object...

Anyways, she is really amazing for what she has accomplished.
  by: nimira     02/11/2010 01:50 PM     
Oh and btw, it is better that the cows are as calm as possible because it makes the process more efficient and humane. It keeps the cattle from freaking out and hurting humans or stopping the traffic, etc.. Thats why this lady is important and also a very interesting lady. She can see what scares the cows and fix it and the cows are more likely to move along. She chalks it all up to her autism which I appreciate very much because she doesn´t hide behind her "weaknesses" she uses them.
  by: nimira     02/11/2010 01:53 PM     
  Nothing "humane" happens in the bowels of a kill f  
"Humane" means to be concerned with the alleviation of suffering. These beings are not ill, maimed or otherwise "unhealthy". They are not in an aging pain. They are delivered "fit for living", so there is no "suffering to alleviate". Nor do they go willfully to be extinguished.

And the crux of it all is there can be no "humane" slaughter when the killing is unnecessary. We do not "need" to eat animals in order to thrive! Indeed a plant based diet is healthier, better for the planet and certainly deliverance from the horrible nightmare inflicted to innocent nonhumans.
  by: Bea Elliott   02/12/2010 02:28 AM     
  no need for meat  
True; meat is not needed, but it sure is tasty. Kinda hard to beat a nice thick slab of medium rare ribeye or some good bacon.
  by: morganmacleod     02/12/2010 04:37 AM     
  I think you´re mistaken...  
@morganmacleod - There´s a plethora of very, tasty delicious food that is not flesh based. I ate meat for 5 decades... When I look back it was all reduced down to "beef, pork or chicken" - Talk about boring! Ever since I´ve been vegan I have a huge range of satisfying foods I never ate before. 90% of everything is in seasoning anyway... Ever eat a piece of flesh without salt? What do you "spice" things up with? Plants seasonings of course! There is no "meat flavor" anything... Besides, if we were made to eat meat - It would be growing on trees. Choose health, choose compassion - Go Vegan ;)
  by: Bea Elliott   02/12/2010 07:41 AM     
  by: FamousJamous   02/12/2010 09:25 AM     
  How vulgar...  
But I shall return the favor:
  by: Bea Elliott   02/12/2010 06:35 PM     
  Saw this the other night

He´s got a compelling argument I think - humans, until a few thousand years ago, have been hunter-gatherers who ate meat as part of their diet. The "Paleo diet" mentioned on the page says:

"The Paleo Diet is a way of eating in the modern age that best mimics diets of our hunter-gatherer ancestors - combinations of lean meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. By eating the foods that we are genetically adapted to eat, followers of the Paleo Diet are naturally lean, have acne-free skin, improved athletic performance, and are experiencing relief from numerous metabolic-related and autoimmune diseases."
  by: caution2     02/12/2010 07:08 PM     
  I´m ready to get out of the cave...  
I believe we are quite overdue to evolve beyond our dentures... But as long as we´re discussing anatomy:

Or health:

And of course the ethics are clear --- If we don´t need to cause harm - We shouldn´t.
  by: Bea Elliott   02/12/2010 07:38 PM     
  People who eat meat ....  
.... are selfish, at great cost to animals, the environment, and the starving millions.
  by: Maggie the Cat   02/13/2010 04:32 PM     
Actually I am not mistaken, I do love meat but I understand your point. It is true that meat and at least for me, vegetables also need some salt as a flavor enhancer.

While I do enjoy many different cuts of beef and pork, I also round out my meat consumption with lamb, goat, venison, squirrel, rabbit, quail, duck, frog, seafood, and the occassional beaver, alligator, or snake. Of course I generally have vegetables on my plate also.

I admit that I do not understand your statement that if we were meant to eat meat, it would grow on trees. I have thought about becoming vegetarian, but I have never been able to make the switch successfully. You have my support in your lifestyle.
  by: morganmacleod     02/14/2010 01:31 AM     
  @Bea Elliott  
Your very understanding, so I hope you understand me when I say that some people need to eat meat, or they will die.

I know this because a friend of mine who doens´t want to harm animals or anything must eat meat because of his blood type (o). He was a vegitarian with me because we where going to raw foodism, but instead of being stupid & jumping into it we were going to go vegitarian, vegan, then raw foodist.

Yet the thing is he couldn´t handle being a vegitarian, or his body couldn´t. He got really sick & the doctor informed him that he needs to eat meat. Look into it.

I made it to raw foodism, but I don´t recommend it. Takes too much energy to be one IMO. But my blood type push´s me more to being a vegitarian.

Oh & salt is not a plant. "Ever eat a piece of flesh without salt? What do you "spice" things up with? Plants seasonings of course!"

@Maggie the Cat
People who eat meat are selfish & people who don´t are also selfish, so whats the point? Go ahead & ignore the fact that both also are not selfish at the same time.


If people are searching for the truth, why do they stop? They stop once they find something they are content in, yet that´s not the end of the whole truth. Truth be told. Humor I find xD
  by: vhan     02/14/2010 01:48 AM     
  What are the odds? Two failed attempts at veganism  
@morganmacleod - You "love" meat? That´s a strange word to use for a dead piece of matter. Perhaps you mean to say you enjoy the taste of meat? Which we have both agreed is 90% plant-based seasonings anyway...

I stated "meat would grow on trees" to circumvent the "canine teeth" or "If we weren´t meant to eat animals, why are they made of meat"... I´ve just heard that too many times to debate seriously anymore...

You say you´ve attempted to be vegetarian but failed... What was your problem? There are millions of delicious recipes on the internet - As well as tons of nutrional advise as well...

And I would have absolutely no problem supporting anyone´s choice - as long as harm to innocent beings was not an issue...

@vhan - Type "o" blood as a problem to veganism is a myth... There are dozens of vegan type "o" folks at this forum:
And some science based evidence is here:
In our opinion, the blood type theory of diet doesn´t have a leg to stand on.
Deirdre B. Williams, N.D.
John J. McMahon, N.D.
Also criticism of D´Adamo´s hypotheses and recommendations claims that he provided inadequate evidence. His specific process and reasons for reaching these conclusions of classification remain undocumented.

The blood type diet has been likened to a "blood type astrology".
In short... This theory has been discredited and is a scam.

Yes, I realize salt is a mineral... But most seasonings/spices are plant based...

But I´m curious... Why did you not go back to a standard plant based diet after a "raw food" one didn´t work out? Sounds like you threw away the baby with the bath water...

  by: Bea Elliott   02/14/2010 02:42 AM     
  I thought you were understanding  
& not condescending, but I guess we don´t really know each other do we?

Now I was mistaken. My friend & I made it to being vegan.
He hates the thought of hurting anything, even plants (he didn´t even have real flowers at his wedding because the thought of cutting flowers upset him). He has a lightening fast metabolism, requiring anywhere between 8-12 full meals a day, with a very vigorous lifestyle working at the olcc and martial arts. He lost an alarming amount of fat and was losing muscle at an alarming rate too. He was getting sicker and sicker because he couldn´t eat enough. His doctor basically told him that at the rate he was going he would die, so he took his doctor´s advice (which was very difficult for him to do) and began to eat meat again. He is back to his normal weight and has way more energy than he knows what to do with. He shops for the most humanely treated meat he can, which shows more effort than most people.

Now for me I am not as active, but have a very high metabolism & eat as much, if not more than my friend mentioned before. Being a raw foodist took too much time out of life in order to prepare my own food because being one is not convenient at all. I didn´t throw the baby out with the bath water, I just accept what my lifestyle needs. Being more conscious about what & how we eat is most important.
  by: vhan     02/14/2010 08:39 AM     
  @ Vhan  
Yes, everyone has the capacity to be selfish, even moi, but some acts of selfishness have greater consequences for others. Would you like to be treated the way humans treat animals? Or would you like to be starving to death while wealthier nations grow thousands of tons of crops to fatten livestock? I´d hazard a guess that on both counts your answer would be no.

"Go ahead & ignore the fact that both also are not selfish at the same time."

What does that mean? Please clarify.

Finally, and this is just an observation, you stated that your friend has to eat between 8 and 12 full meals every day. What?? So he´s sitting down to a full meal on average every hour and a half? I´ve never heard of such a thing, so forgive me if I take that with the aforementioned pinch of salt.
  by: Maggie the Cat   02/14/2010 04:36 PM     
  no one is completly selfish  
You can focus on one attribute of a person, but it doesn´t make up their whole being.
  by: vhan     02/14/2010 08:21 PM     
  Oh &  
Sorry you don´t believe me & my friend eat a lot. I guess if you seen us & how we are you would understand, but be skeptical, its not like I am trying to force you to believe. Also I am not a liar & if your on this site more often you will see this.
  by: vhan     02/14/2010 08:23 PM     
You are correct. Enjoy would have been the proper word. As to why I failed, I have no explanation but I will try again simply because I enjoy gardening and the fresh veggies that I harvest.
  by: morganmacleod     02/15/2010 05:40 AM     
  Hooray for tenacity! :)  
@ morganmacleod - Well that´s great that you are going to give it another go! Just a suggestion - maybe going "raw" is something you have to work towards?

You didn´t mention how long you were successful at veganism... Perhaps giving it a year or two to firm up good eating before you try for "even better"?

As for me, I know my limits... Nothing about a complete raw food diet interests me... I enjoy my stirfry, grilled portabellos and and broiled/baked foods too much. :)

Also, most of my friends have "eased into" going vegan, if they felt they couldn´t do it all at once... Eliminating animal products for just a few days a week to start and adding on another day here and there... By the time 3 months passed --- What they thought they never could do... They did!

Anyway, I wish you good eating, compassion and health. ;)
  by: Bea Elliott   02/15/2010 08:11 AM     
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