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                 04/21/2014 02:24 AM  
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02/08/2010 06:14 PM ID: 82815 Permalink   

Toledo Club "Gives Back" With Lap Dance for Haiti


The cover charge at Marilyn´s on Monroe, a Toledo, Ohio strip club, is being donated to ISOH/IMPACT, a Haiti relief fund. Marilyn´s manager, Kenny Soprano, has wanted to do a fund raising event; Helping Haiti will improve his club´s image.

The CEO of ISOH, International Services of Hope, has stated they will gladly accept donations from any source.
A nearby Romulus, Michigan club, "The Landing Strip" and Southgate´s "Subi´s Place" are planning to raise funds for Haiti also.

Marilyn´s on Monroe has raised $1,000 and the other clubs plan to raise $5,000.

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is doing this to prove their image primarily.

ISOH International says they will accept oney from anybody! Between these two, I wonder who has a spine to stand on.

Not so much for the donations (Money) but rather the kind of people involved.
  by: skcusswentrohs     02/16/2010 09:35 PM     
This is a blessing in disguise
Not only can patrons see a scintilating stage show, get a decent meal and an over priced beer, But they can also feel good about giving to charity
  by: Rose-Ockulisto     02/17/2010 01:45 AM     
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