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                 04/18/2014 07:31 AM  
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02/07/2010 04:26 PM ID: 82793 Permalink   

#2 Dirtiest Hotel Sued for Use of Six Flags Name


At first it seemed like a respectful nod to its neighbor when Days Inn used the name "Days Inn Eureka Six Flags."
But, when two weeks ago, TripAdvisor´s Ranking gave the hotel the title: 2nd dirtiest hotel in the U.S., the honor seemed dubious.

The management firm, Gateway Hotels, was promptly notified by Six Flags to cease trademark infringement by Jan. 27.
Thus far no changes have been made and Days Inn claims they were only using the "Six Flags" name to relate proximity, not affiliation.

The TripAdvisor survey shows of 50 reviews, 8 ranked poor and 36 terrible.
Complaints were made about rude treatment and filthy conditions.

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Some people just can´t reinvest in their businesses. And then they wonder why the whole world looks down on them. If they had kept their hotel clean, I´ll bet Six Flags wouldn´t have had a problem with them. They might have even gotten an endorsement from Six Flags.

Here´s a link to some info about this business:

These guys are actually trying to expand. I think other countries must have very much lower standards than America for cleanliness.
  by: WillyMaykett   02/08/2010 08:21 PM     
  They could be missing a target audience  
If they advertise themselves as a complete hell hole which has staff which abuse people who stay, I bet they would get some odd people booking, but even odd peoples money is money. People would send the mother in law there for instance.
  by: danjwalker   02/09/2010 02:05 PM     
Yeah... They could come up with some pretty catchy slogans.

"Our cockroaches are so big they can carry off small children"

"Wait until you see the piece of India that we brought to America for you"

"Gateway Hotels: Just like home (if you live in a sewer)"

"Every bed now comes with extra bodily fluids"

"Not getting enough verbal abuse at the office? We can help"
  by: WillyMaykett   02/09/2010 08:45 PM     
  Not suprised  
I have actually stopped staying at Days Inns after several horrific experiences. The worse one had to be when I went on a trip to Springfield, MA and I was travelling alone. I was there for a weekend attending a conference to gain some CEU´s and to search around the area for possible employment during the time.

There was a time that I would only stay at a Days or Comfort Inn because they were clean, safe and affordable. Now that they do not own all of the hotels you have to be very careful. Another thing that I have noticed and I am sure someone will call me a racist, so go ahead but I know better, is that both of the scariest stays were from owners that were of Indian descent.

The stay in Springfield was so bad that I demanded my money back and had to call the police. I had went to dinner down the street from the hotel which used to be a motel6 or something and it was ran down and disgusting. I was already pissed because of that and when I went to unlock my room I noticed that it was opened a crack, I looked inside and my clothes were all on my bed in a pile and everything was messed up. When I got to the front office and told the owners wife she actually told me that it did not happen and told me I needed to go back to my room! First off hell no and secondly,F no. I wasn´t going to stay in THAT room or any other room in the sleezy place. I ended up saying at the Howard Johnsons there and they were so nice that they not only gave me their online price they gave me a gift card to the IHOP right down the road.

The last time was when we were going to CT for a family wedding and we saw a sign for a Days Inn along with several others, this was in PA and I want to say a college was right down the road. We got off the exit and passed this one hotel that looked to be condemned honestly and kept driving until for a few miles and you could tell it was turning into a residential area, so we turned around and ended up back at that hotel, it was supposedly just purchased and being renovated. You could tell it used to be this really fantastic hotel and it had two ballrooms and several conference areas on the bottom floor which was in need of updating and so we thought well it looks nicer than we first thought and I was really too tired to go 25 miles to the next exit after diving for about 14 hours. It was the biggest mistake because they lied about the restaurant/bar being opened for food and the employees/family members were walking behind the bar getting drinks and there were people laying half on each other while playing poor Aunt. We actually all 3 staying in one of the rooms that was the cleanest and I slept in a chair while my dad and aunt each slept on the beds for awhile. We ended up leaving the place as soon as the fog was lifted and that is the last time I will ever stay in a hotel like that.
  by: TaraB     02/11/2010 12:22 PM     
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