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                 04/18/2014 02:13 AM  
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12/10/2009 10:23 AM ID: 82039 Permalink   

Five Million Die from Cigarette Smoking Every Year


The World Health Organisation has announced that their numbers show five million people die from smoking around the world every year and warn that the number could rise if more stringent measures aren't taken to minimise smoking's impact.

WHO also stated that 600,000 people die every year from passive smoking, ie inhaling someone else's cigarette smoke. Last year, WHO unveiled six strategies that countries could implement to protect their people from the harm of cigarettes.

However, less than 10% of the world's population is covered by any one of those six strategies, which include smoking bans, higher tobacco taxes and bans on tobacco advertising.

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how come smokers aren´t being banned all in all cuz of global warming?
  by: nimira     12/10/2009 01:56 PM     
  And yet.  
Marijuana is illegal.
  by: Kolman   12/10/2009 05:01 PM     
  source is unclear, so not reporters fault  
But i believe it suggests that none of the six strategies are employed for more than 10% of the population. (ie. Strategy 1 - 9%, Strategy 2 - 6%, etc.)

NOT that less than 10% has ANY of them, or alternatively 90% of the population has none of these measures.

"...less than 10 percent of the world´s population is covered by any single measure."
  by: reverend j roach     12/10/2009 05:29 PM     
  respect the smoker  
Isn´t about time that us smokers got the respect we deserve?
We don´t live as long, and yet we pay far more tax than non-smokers.
If the governments of this world are really so concerned about our health and want to make us live into our 100´s, why don´t they just ban smoking altogether?.
Passive smoking is a problem, but maybe a sign above a bar (or public place) which reads ´Smoking´ or ´Non Smoking´ would help punters decide which to frequent.
  by: portkil   12/11/2009 02:46 AM     
  Oh yah...  
well how come i havent died yet?
  by: mindert   12/11/2009 04:31 AM     
It won´t get you anywhere to point it out. I tell them frequently and they never ever seem to have a real or honest reply or even know what they are going to do for taxes if smoking is ever banned outright. Just like my state did a huge ban on smoking today, they decided that 3 commercial casino´s will not have the ban but all bars will unless they are a cigar bar.
I had to laugh when her and a few of her shills made the comment that this is a win for those poor non-smokers who pays less taxes amoung other things. The Dems forgot to say that the Detroit Casino´s weren´t included because that would hurt their business. Yep it is ALL about the health and helping the poor bartenders who don´t want to be around smoke. I have a great idea, don´t bartend then it´s that easy. Hell they keep this up I might go live on a reservation.

This vote is done in the same year that not only the Fed had to put their fingers into some extra tax money, but Granhole taxed it twice and this week even taxed Diesel 4 cents a gallon. She has no intention of doing anything to actually HELP the people in this state. I am so pissed about these two things that I am seriously looking at the Republicans to get the Governors seat since she can´t run again THANK GOD!
  by: TaraB     12/11/2009 05:42 AM     
Though I quit two years ago, I couldn´t agree with you more. I did not quit because I was worried about cancer and such but it cost to much and I figured I payed higher taxes for the non smoker long enough. Time to get some of my money back. Fact is they couldn´t give a rats ass about your or my health. This scare tactic approach will be just another excuse to raise the taxes even higher. They know your not going to quit that´s why they don´t ban them. Its about the dollar.. Always.
  by: hellblazer     12/11/2009 10:12 AM     
  Damn Right!  
Hellblazer- I would also like to thank you for not being one of those ex-smokers that come off sounding like a born again. They act like they all of a sudden found the right to sound like the people they couldn´t stand when they were still smoking.

I am glad that you were able to quit and I know what you mean about the cost and how they won´t ban smoking all together because of the tax revenue they make off of it. I think it is criminal the way they use us to pick up the slack when they can´t balance a budget and no one wants to cut their pay but will quickly vote in a raise they really don´t deserve.

Hell I don´t see any non-smokers willing to carry the burden that would happen if smoking was banned completley, I think that at least $4+ tax per item of whatever they enjoy would get old really fast and they would be talking about how their rights are being violated. It is one of those you don´t bitch until it is something that matters to them. It is also one of the things that everyone ignores because they know they have no idea on how to bridge that gap or there is nothing they are willing to give up to cover the insane amount of taxes we smokers pay.

I looked at an unemployment percentage clip that showed from 07-this past October. Every county but 5 in the Upper and Lower Peninsula in Michigan is 10% or over(the whole UP is at this) and the 5 that were not that high is at 8-9.9% unemployment. That does not include the tens of thousands that fell off the rolls here, even with the added weeks given.

Of course my idea that all politicians should only be allowed to earn the median wage in their state or district hired for(that does not include their salaries while figuring out the median pay). This will encourage our politicians to work hard for us or don´t get paid so much. We also need to slash the insane budgets they are given for their offices. Cut down on the free postage first off, give them all X amount of supplies based on their district size and they have to use what they have responsibily. Anything over what they are given each January will have to come out of their pockets.

In fact other than the governor, Attorney General and Sec of State they can all work elsewhere to supplement their income since they want so much time off they don´t deserve the crazy pay they get. We couldn´t pull something off like they do. I´d also put in my report card idea.

Smokers should not be held responsible for our politicians laziness to budget and the bans either need to be across the board or not at all and I hope some bar owners get together and sue the state since it is obvious that the Detroit Casino´s were catered to (wonder whos pocket the lobbyists got into in this fine Democratic state)
  by: TaraB     12/11/2009 11:29 AM     
  Smoking Alternative  
Smokers wouldn´t die if they switched to Crown7 Electric cigarettes. There is no tar, nasty smoke or ash. Plus there is no cancer causing carcinogens. Ive made the switch and think others should to. My family loves that fact that I made this switch to this new product, if you dont believe me check for yourself.
  by: BigRedDog   12/11/2009 07:15 PM     
This will fix the unemployment prblem around the world. If you smoke you will need more medical care! JobS! if you die someone else can take your job! YES! Win Win!
  by: zortona   12/12/2009 05:47 PM     
  with Hellblazer  
I quit two years ago as well. I was a heavy smoker all through my military days (I actually started smoking in the military because the smokers got lots of breaks where as the non-smokers got no breaks) and continued on into my university days and then into my career. I quit because I started coughing up black stuff every morning and I was tired of stinking.
I still smoke herbs though...can´t seem to give that up; but since i quit cigarettes, i haven´t had the lung problems I had before.
  by: shaohu     12/15/2009 10:30 AM     
  Ok smokers  
First off many smokers now in their 50-60´s got hooked because the data wasn´t in yet (like cancer) and they got hooked early in their lives, not knowing the danger it posed now the under 50´s have no excuse, you grew up with the surgeon generals warnings, you chose to disobey. flame me if you must, but you create more health bills, and complications than the rest, you die younger which means you don´t work as many years, so you even out. Its not our fault you addicted yourself so don´t expect us to foot the bill. Kudos to those that quit, harder to start and quit than to never smoke. I will give you this, the cigarette companies should pay for your pollution, and the damage it does, because I would assume this (I admit just an Un-educated guess) burning natural tobacco would seem less harmful due to the fact it wasn´t bred to have altered levels of nicotine isn´t laced with all the extras the tobacco companies add like ammonia, and the good stuff that turns into arsenic, formaldehyde. BTW before you Try to Bash, My mother used to smoke Winstons, she died at age 42, in my arms of a heart attack. So just admit your addicted and get help. If it wasn´t an addiction, you would choose to live longer with your family, if not, just not shorten their lives as well as yours.
  by: OrIgInAl_ThOuGhT   12/16/2009 08:00 AM     
  ^Interesting post OT  
People of every generation go out drinking, everyone knows too much alcohol is bad for your system, can cause liver damage and multiple organ failures. Yet millions of people do it often, why? Because they want to.

I smoke because I want too, I know it´s a hazard and I´ll take the risk. I don´t smoke around non-smokers, I don´t smoke in public places, and I do not smoke around my family that do not smoke.

I wait until I am alone and sit down relax and have a smoke, after may I add a long days work.

You need to understand that I have every right to smoke as you do not to, My country tries to enforce the smoking ban and it is some what effective.
  by: Claridus   02/25/2010 08:45 PM     
the first (next) thing that should be done is make smoking within 20ft of people under a certian age illegal, regardless of location beit public, your own home or even vehicle.

at the very least it should be considered child abuse (same principal applies to women that smoke when they´re pregnant)... almost no-one would dispute the harm of smoking to people in general much less children

smoking in general SHOULDN´T be illegal (nor should ANY drug) but it definately should be illegal around children... because most smokers just simply aren´t responsible enough to not do this on our own accord... in my opinion you have two options with such people either force them not to smoke around kids of a certian age... or not allow them to have kids OR be around kids of a certian age... and the latter is certianly and extreme measure

and higher tax on tobacco have already proven to be effective in reducing smoking, as long as the tax goes towards healthcare i see no issue with tax it, nor would i for marijuana nor any other drugs.

and as for people complaining about tobacco taxes keep in your your about as much a burden on society as obese people are, and most people aware of the economic damage of obesity don´t oppose fat-taxes because they help fund the healthcre system that they are draining (typically) more than don´t (smoke) or aren´t (obese).

and smoking bans in places like resturants have not only proven effective but have actually done the opposite of what people against the ban said they would; that it would hurt business, rather it increased business, as it was a more hospitable environment to non-smokers, while smokers could still smoke outside (or in some cases designated smoking areas; usually enclosed and with their own ventilation system as to not effect the rest of the people, they no-longer even allow these where i live).
  by: HAVOC666     02/25/2010 09:15 PM     
  smoking without 4000 chemicals  
Electronic cigarettes produce no smoke - only a water-based vapor that does not leave a smell in clothes or hair. They cannot cause a fire when one falls asleep using them as nothing burns so they are safer. They leave no tar in the lungs. My mother has not touched a regular cigarette since trying hers.
  by: qaz668   06/10/2010 11:49 AM     
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