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                 04/21/2014 03:59 AM  
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11/05/2009 04:34 PM ID: 81564 Permalink   

Facebook: The Movie


The filming of "The Social Network", directed David Fincher and written by Aaron Sorkin, has begun on the Johns Hopkins and Phillips Academy Andover campuses.

Due to Harvard University's filming restrictions, these campuses were chosen for their similar Gregorian architecture. The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was a former Harvard student residing in Kirkland House.

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Sounds like one incredibly boring movie.
i can understand making a movie based on a video game or even a board game...but to make a movie based on some stupid website is ridiculous.

How about someone make Shortnews:The Movie. It will be 10 minutes long: Plot ideas?
  by: shaohu     11/06/2009 10:14 AM     
Here´s a plot -- the long-discussed Shortnews Meet-Up happens, as 40-some-odd people with strong, conflicting opinions converge on Reykjavik, Iceland, to discuss topics ranging from geothermal energy to the wisdom of tariffs to Bjork´s hair and age.

Soon after the SNers gather in a gloomy old castle, it is revealed that they each received an invitation from someone known only as L.L. While they´re trying to determine the identity of the mysterious L.L., the lights go out and a scream is heard ...
  by: Ben_Reilly     11/06/2009 08:34 PM     
Count me in!!! Mr. White, if you´re reading this, consider this my RSVP.

Thanks and good day,
  by: smarta$$     11/07/2009 12:19 AM     
...see above
  by: ludwitr   11/07/2009 07:12 PM     
Think less "stupid" and more "satire?"

I could be wrong, I haven´t read the source, but I don´t think this is gonna literally be about Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg, but about the whole pheneomena of online social networking. Maybe how its just the opposite and creates shutins? Think Fight Club, that´s what Fincher´s most well known for.

I could be wrong though.
  by: jonnysodoff   11/08/2009 09:16 AM     

I´ll just leave this here.
  by: jakethemuss   11/13/2009 11:39 AM     
  i think  
they should make a film version of the board game Battleship. That would be pretty sneaky, sis.
  by: djskagnetti     11/14/2009 09:44 AM     
  Plotty Plot plot  
Plot: Some guy is hacking short news, in order to stop this comment from comming out so that "Facebook: The Movie" Has no competition to being the boringest move ever created.
  by: Dolphin Commando   11/14/2009 11:42 AM     
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