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                 04/23/2014 08:39 AM  
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10/14/2009 12:10 PM ID: 81141 Permalink   

US Snubbed on Iranian Sanctions by Russia


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned that any further pressure from the international community on Iran over its nuclear program would be counterproductive and has rejected a call by the US for further sanctions.

Lavrov told reporters "Threats of sanctions and threats of pressure in the current situation are, in our opinion, counter-productive," adding: "All forces should be aimed at supporting talks."

Hillary Clinton said of the announcement, "we want to be very clear that it is our preference that Iran works with the international community ... to fulfill its obligation on inspections."

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has resurfaced as a white woman. Another Bush, when it comes to Palestine and Iran issue.
" " ..we want to be very clear that it is our preference that Iran works with the international community ... to fulfil its obligation on inspections."" OUR!? America needs to go to Hell with their one sided policies.
  by: skcusswentrohs     10/14/2009 01:37 PM     
"Condy has resurfaced as a white woman"

What exactly is that supposed to mean?
  by: rippler2k3   10/14/2009 08:02 PM     
  It seems to me  
that in almost every situation, the US tries to stop any country or religion that declares world dominion as their goal.

Some of you may say that this is hypocritical, in the respect that you perceive the US, itself, as trying to take over the world. However, the most that the US does is establish a presence, permanent or temporary, in the countries that are defeated in war. America doesn't take land from other countries and incorporate it into the US (i.e. creating a 51st state). The stated goal of America is spreading democracy throughout the world. This is generally perceived to be the best form of government by enlightened societies.

When Hillary said "our", what she meant was not only the US, but all of the other countries that approve of the sanctions against Iran. And she can include me in that "our" if she wants to stop Iran from having nuclear weapons.

However, there is a small part of me that really does want Iran to have nuclear weapon capability. It is my belief that once Iran has that kind of weapon in its possession, even the slightest provocation will cause them to use them. At that point, most of the other countries of the world (not just America) will have no choice but to go in and completely annihilate Iran and replace their government with something that's not quite as crazed as Islam. This seems like the ONLY way that peace will ever truly come to that region.

They are calling for the collapse of Israel. However, that won't bring peace to that region, because after that happens, they will call for the collapse of some other country that isn't Muslim. And on, and on, and on.
  by: TheIdiotUpstairs   10/14/2009 08:30 PM     
  @The Idiot  
the name aptly suits. Muslims have been living with all other nationals peacefuly, until jews were given land thats not theirs.

Then came the famous "You are with us, or, without" by Dubya and then Islam became the culprit.

Whatever idiology feeds you, it wont work, since we know better now, than we did a decade ago.

You are ASS u ming that Iran will dictate other nations after Israel, while condoning the actions of America in other peoples backyard as "The stated goal of America is spreading democracy throughout the world. This is generally perceived to be the best form of government by enlightened societies." You mean the Ellitists who are in the White house right? because according to UN and the rest of the World, Israelis (Politicians) now are only commuting between Israel and USA, anywhere else they may end up in Hague, which has absolute no relations at all with wahts going on right?

I wonder if that name of yours was a wishfull thinking from your...

Seriously people like you are annoying. Not because we disagree, but simply because of lack of humanity.

I wish Iran would possess Nuclear weapons, that way, when Israel thinks of attacking them they will think twice.

You are aware that Israel already possesses Nuclear Bombs right? Given to them by the mighty "Dont ASk Dont Tell" and yet you say some should have NUKES!! Dolt.
  by: skcusswentrohs     10/16/2009 03:51 AM     
Yes, I'm very much aware that Israel has nukes. And this really kind of serves to illustrate my point. They have them, but, oh, they're not using them. They most likely will NEVER use them unless they are attacked with nukes first. However, I stand by my original belief. If the conditions were reversed, and Iran had the nukes, they would already have used them on Israel.

To me, Islam is the culprit in any case. I cannot find any way to justify cutting off someone's hands if they steal, no matter what they steal. I cannot find any way to justify stoning someone to death for adultery, no matter who they are screwing. I cannot find any way to justify the way they blame women if they get raped, instead of blaming the lustful man that cannot control himself. I cannot find any way to justify most of the cruel, inhumane punishments that the government inflicts on its own citizens. If these practices ever stop, then I might be able to consider Islam to be a religion of peace.

By the way, about the whole stoning thing. Did you know that if two people are caught committing adultery, the way that they punish them is do dig a hole in the ground, wrap the two people in a sheet, drop them in the holes, and start throwing rocks at them? If the people can escape from the holes before they are killed, they are allowed to go free. However, when the holes are dug, the holes for the women are twice as deep, so their chances of escaping are very, very, much reduced.

For some reason, you mistakenly think that I am against the Muslims because of something that Bush or some other right-winger has told me. Nope. It's because of videos that I have seen of the above mentioned actions of the Muslim people and government that I really hope that religion dies, and soon.
  by: TheIdiotUpstairs   10/16/2009 02:11 PM     
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