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                 04/20/2014 07:43 AM  
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09/24/2009 11:23 AM ID: 80833 Permalink   

Florida Strippers Give Seniors Food and Flu Shots


Rachel's Gentlemen's Club is offering residents free flu shots, but not before the gourmet buffet has been served. For the past 6 years the gentleman's club has been giving free flu shots as a way to give back to the community.

Seniors, city employees, veterans and the residents of Casselberry, Florida are all welcome to enjoy the food and recieve their yearly flu shots. Fliers announcing the time and place are sent out to the seniors and put up on the marquee out front.

The VIP room is where all the shots are given by licensed professionals. "I think it's great. I wish I had some of these figures like these gals do. They're beautiful girls," Casselberry resident Barbara Becker said.

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  A nice way to get your dose of poison  
  by: evilrat   09/24/2009 12:37 PM     
Well that depends on who you ask.LOL

I think it is a nice thing for a local business to do and he pays for the vaccine himself. I got a kick out of the lady I quoted on the bottom, but there is a guy that was quoted and I laughed when I read it.

"A little uncomfortable at first. I actually texted my wife to try to find her and go right to her immediately," Casselberry resident Tom Rogenski said

  by: TaraB     09/24/2009 12:50 PM     
Poisons only have one potential, to harm you, a vaccine has the potential to enhance your immune system. The people are pretty old and vaccines could help them live longer as children and seniors are the ones at most risk of dieing from these illnesses.
  by: splicer   09/24/2009 02:07 PM     
I get the flu vaccine every year and I haven't been poisoned yet. I really can't afford to get get the common cold, let alone the flu.

There isn't anyone here in my town that does anything nice like that, gentleman's club or not.
  by: TaraB     09/24/2009 02:22 PM     
It's good to see people give back to the community when they have had good fortune. It's a shame so many people here in the usa think this ideology a waste of their money and time.
  by: splicer   09/24/2009 05:09 PM     
would go regularly to the saving vaccination but i'm affraid of the needle's sting.
  by: vizhatlan     09/24/2009 08:13 PM     
pics.. plz.
  by: kmazzawi     09/24/2009 08:18 PM     
  nice of them  
they are strippers with hearts of gold.
  by: gryphon50a   09/24/2009 10:39 PM     
the promise of a sucker afterwards somehow eases the sting. that and holding mommy's hand during the shot.
  by: John E Angel     09/24/2009 11:06 PM     
  @John E Angel  
Also, the possibility of a lap dance afterward couldn't hurt.
  by: barryman9001   09/25/2009 12:51 AM     
splicer- I agree. I also think it's neat that the seniors actually look forward to it, so much for stereotypes in this case.

kmazzawi- Sorry they didn't show the seniors having their pole dance lessons, maybe next year! ;-)

  by: TaraB     09/25/2009 10:50 AM     
every year in the cold period i get a mild flu but fortunately there is no bigger trouble, i believe there is a good doctor in me.
  by: vizhatlan     09/25/2009 02:19 PM     
  i support  
single moms!
  by: elijah     09/26/2009 06:11 AM     
A vaccine doesn't enhance your immune system, it provokes it into responding. Just like having a cut on your skin doesn't enhance your ability to heal from injury, it provokes it into responding.
  by: jbloodthorn   09/26/2009 11:04 AM     
That's nonsense. A cut doesn't increase your ability to heal from cuts. A vaccine does increase your ability to fight off infection.

A vaccine enhances the immune system.
  by: Ec5618   09/26/2009 11:09 AM     
  You Know  
elijah- "i support single moms!"

You do know that not all single moms are strippers and that a majority of strippers are not even moms right? Even if they were I don't see where there is a problem with working an actual job to feed and clothe oneself.

I don't know about anyone else, but I found that comment to be very insulting.
  by: TaraB     09/26/2009 11:52 AM     
I started dating a stripper 6 months ago... didn't know she was a stripper. She told me last month. We were talking about the fact that I have never been to a strip club and some of the guys at work were going to one. She said "You should come to mine." Talking about a rude awakening. I have a new found respect for strippers though. They aren't the bane of society I used to think they were.
  by: boaznjachin     09/27/2009 06:22 AM     
Thank you for saying that. I know a few girls that have or still are stripping. Only 2 of the girls I know are a moms, 1 has a daughter that is 15 and the other has a 5-year-old son.
The others either do it to pay for college, pay their bills and 'gasp' some just like it.

I also like how you handled it. I tell you what if I had the body and the ability to move that I used to I would be stripping if I had to pay my bills.
  by: TaraB     09/27/2009 06:41 AM     
you most certainly are welcome to your opinion.
  by: elijah     09/29/2009 02:12 PM     
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