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                 04/25/2014 04:01 AM  
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03/16/2009 01:20 PM ID: 77641 Permalink   

Let's Give'em Something "Else" to Talk About


Are you tired of news about Wall Street and partisan politics reporting as usual? Well have we got "news" for you. Grass-roots reporting. Media outlets are now looking at how average Americans are dealing with life in light of current challenges.

ABC's "The Kitchen Table" puts reporters in the lives of individuals, reporting on their struggles and what they're doing to make do in light of the current economic crisis that grips so many hard working Americans.

"We're doing it because we feel there's a need to know," said Jon Banner, Executive Producer of the Kitchen Table project. May expects to see NBC's Today anchors traveling and reporting from U.S. cities, shedding light on the plight of average people.

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  A good idea  
While some might characterize this as profiting on the misfortune of others, I see it as a good thing. A bit more empathy for those who have been hit hardest can only help.
  by: thePAV   03/18/2009 02:15 AM     
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