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                 02/22/2018 04:15 AM  
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04/07/2008 01:18 PM ID: 69834 Permalink   

Hot Dogs Land Florida Couple in Hot Water


A Florida couple have been taken into custody after an altercation over a plate of hot dogs.

Anton Van Bladel allegedly snatched the plate of hot dogs from his wife Alfreda, who then in turn stabbed him with a steak knife. Mr Van Bladel then allegedly held a firearm to his wife’s head.

The weapons were found by police and the couple now face aggravated battery and aggravated assault charges.

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a) Do I have to use the term 'allegedly' when dealing with Florida?

b) Whats wrong with Florida?
  by: shmacko.     04/07/2008 01:21 PM     
  more and more  
afraid that the "Florida-disease" could spread.
  by: Z of Germany   04/07/2008 01:29 PM     
  Since the charges  
are being made against each other, surely it would be in the best interests of everyone if they just dropped the charges?

Sounds like a happy marriage though! LOL
  by: TabbyCool     04/07/2008 02:08 PM     
  Hey, Hey!!!  
In their defense I believe they were "Ball park" franks.
  by: VermiciousG     04/07/2008 02:50 PM     
I think once you stab your partner and/or hold a gun to their head, you are not operating in your best interests.

I think it would be in their best interests to get a divorce and move away from Florida. Fast.
  by: shmacko.     04/07/2008 03:27 PM     
Everyone loves weiners. Some steal them, some stab for them, and others take hostages. Such has been the story since the days of Julius Caesar!
  by: Rough Ian     04/07/2008 03:49 PM     
Yeah, I'm not saying they should stay together, only that, since they haven't hurt anyone else, it would be best for both of them if they were to drop the charges against eachother.

Saying that though, the guy held a gun to the woman's head but didn't actually shoot her. She stabbed him with a steak knife, I'm thinking her charges will be more serious than his anyway.

My point was though, if they agree to drop the charges on the basis of them both being complete asshats, then neither of them need get a criminal record.
  by: TabbyCool     04/07/2008 03:53 PM     
Yeah that would be the best thing for them to do, but they won't.

You got to remember, they're asshats, they're from Florida, they won't be looking out for thier best interests.

Anyways, if they are willing to maim for their hot dogs, I dare say they are willing to send each other to jail for them.
  by: shmacko.     04/07/2008 04:07 PM     
  @Dropping charges  
It's not as easy as just "dropping charges" in most areas. This "dropping charges" nonsense has spread to the public through TV and movies.

In most cases, the district attorney can prosecute the alleged assailant without corroboration from the alleged victim. This means that the city, county, or state can bring charges of "aggravated assault" and "reckless endangerment" and "negligent use of a deadly weapon" against these two dullards.
  by: Rough Ian     04/07/2008 04:26 PM     
I suppose that makes sense. If they are stupid enough to do this to eachother, what would they do to a little kid if they liked the look of his hotdog? They might be able to forgive eachother, but they are both unpredictable idiots and could be a danger to other people.
  by: TabbyCool     04/07/2008 05:14 PM     
  Hmm, Hun,  
Why do you need your gun? We are just going out for a hot dog.
  by: ichi     04/07/2008 05:36 PM     
  Don't Kill No More Dogs!!  
  by: theironboard     04/07/2008 05:41 PM     
  Mr. & Mrs. Smith?!?  
talk about an action packed family life.
  by: bpearson   04/08/2008 12:11 AM     
  hotdogs?? HOTDOGS????  
Whats next? killing each other because they couldnt decide on who sleeps on the bigger part of the bed?
  by: bastrel   04/08/2008 07:54 AM     
  At Least She Wouldn't Snore  
If my wife sees this I'm dead!
  by: ichi     04/08/2008 08:54 AM     
well they both wanted to suck on their wiener!
  by: groomsy     04/08/2008 10:56 AM     
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