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                 04/21/2014 09:13 AM  
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01/24/2008 08:41 PM ID: 67923 Permalink   

New Meaning to Snail Mail


An IT worker in Warsaw, Michal Szybalski, has declared the mail in his town is slower than a snail.

This declaration came after he received a letter in the mail on the 3rd of January postmarked December 20th. The point of origin was 11.1 km from its destination.

Calculating the time and distance traveled, he found that the letter traveled 0.03775 km/h from it's origin over 294 hours. Afterwards, he calculated a garden snail travels at 0.048 km/h.

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i thought this was gonna be about a snail actually carrying mail lol
  by: groomsy     01/24/2008 11:38 PM     
  Good summary  
Good story.
  by: John E Angel     01/25/2008 12:27 AM     
Thanks for a funny story to go with all the more serious ones.
  by: Rislone   01/25/2008 12:31 AM     
  I thought  
there would be a snail in a parcel. :0) Good title!

What would Uk be then? It is not quite as slow as that, well it has been, come to think of it. :P
  by: captainJane     01/25/2008 01:34 AM     
I told my friend about this story, he is a mail carrier he told me, this what happens when you get a T6 to sort your mail, what is a T6, that is carrier that does not or doesn't want a permitted route, all they do is work a route when that carrier is off that day, sick or on vacation, he said when he came off his 2 week vacation, his route was screwed up and he found mail miss sorted.
  by: thedrewman   01/25/2008 05:09 AM     
Just quickly worked it out :) I had a letter from the tax office which is 19.2 miles away, was posted on the 17th December and arrived on the 18th January, which by my calculation makes 0.040km/h - still slower than a snail but faster than Poland =)
  by: Heresy   01/25/2008 11:00 AM     
WOW, that's impressive...

Now I feel the need to mail myself a letter from work to home, which is 31.382208 km in distance. I wonder how long that will take?
  by: The Rambo   01/25/2008 06:20 PM     
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