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                 04/17/2014 09:18 AM  
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04/17/2014 12:16 AM
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edie receives 100 Points for News Submission of 'College Student Loses "Wheel of Fortune" Puzzle With All Letters Revealed'
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11/01/2007 07:20 PM ID: 66108 Permalink   

Chrysler Cutting 12,100 Jobs and Dropping 4 Models


After losing $680M last year, Chrysler LLC intends to fire up to 12,100 employees through 2008. In total, up to 25,100 job cuts are expected as well as scrapping several vehicle models as well.

Chrysler said it plans to eliminate the PT Cruiser convertible, Crossfire, Dodge Magnum wagon and Pacifica. Job cuts include up to 10,000 hourly workers, 1,000 salary jobs and 1,100 contractors. Chrysler employs nearly 77,000 people.

The company announced they would also be building two new models, the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Journey. Chrysler also plans on making hybrid versions of the Chrysler Aspen and Dodge Durango.

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  I know...  
... they are having a hard time pushing their Dodge pickup trucks. A dealer nearly gave my mother a 1500. He took something like $12k off the MSRP and gave free oil changes and TTL.

Maybe being downsized they'll focus more on making a good vehicle that appeals to consumers than getting caught in up the bureaucracy of a huge company.

Plus the fear of death always seems to make humans perform at their best.
  by: kuhl   11/01/2007 10:32 PM     
i actually thought the magnum looked pretty nice.

doing away with 4 models, to bring two new ones in. good math, Chrysler.
no wonder MR Z got rid of em
  by: elijah4twenty     11/01/2007 10:40 PM     
You nabbed this story right from under me. It's ok though. I thought this story was important also so I'm glad it got reported. This is sad. Between the Aon Insurance and Chrysler, I wonder what's got employers all wrapped up in firing to make profit. Is our economy that bad off?
  by: Jon_Hall     11/01/2007 10:41 PM     
  @Jon Hall  
It's not just Chrysler. This is what happens when you turn the company (any company)over to opportunists, Bean Counters, charlatans or other mental defectives who forget what the business is about. They somehow have forgotten that there has to be a balance between observing that the business is a means to making money and is like an organism that has a life of its own, having to survive: A goose that lays golden eggs. The business has to remain healthy, and have a future, or it dies.

The opportunists artificially boost the stock price so they can sell out, and "who cares" if the company survives. It doesn't matter if the opportunist is a stock trader, or a labor official, or a senior manager. The Opportunist thinks "Screw 'em: I got mine"

The Bean counter cannot have a vision of where the company should go, since by training the bean counter tracks what has happened, and "husbands" resources to attempt to maximize profit. Without a vision, they inevitably doom the company, because they fundamentally do not kow what they are doing. Marketeers can have vision; engineers can have vision; individuals can have vision, but it takes more than a little teamwork to make a success of a large business. In addition to vision, folks need the mental capacity, the urge and tenacity and the courage and the stamina to make good things happen, all of which are counter to the opportunists' and the bean counters' bent and training.

Hillary Klinton is a prime example of an oppotunistic charlatan. No vision, no capability, and an unending supply of supremely BAD ideas; added to her bad temper, and selfish proclivities, the result cannot be good for anyone but other politicians. God Help us all.
  by: LeePIII   11/01/2007 11:28 PM     
It is a shame but I'm afraid you are right. I suppose there is little or no common sense left in our government. This is why when the world falls U.S. will be destroyed. It first won't be nukes, plagues, or famines. We will be destroyed because of our own carelessness and uncaring hearts for others. It will kill us eventually.
  by: Jon_Hall     11/02/2007 03:22 PM     
  Consequences of not outsourcing?  
  by: redstain   11/02/2007 03:28 PM     
Perhaps now would be a good time for all those who believe in a God to start praying or those who believe in luck to take out their good luck charms. We're going to need all the help we can get.
  by: Jon_Hall     11/02/2007 03:32 PM     
  Chrysler never made appealing  
automobiles anyway. The Europeans and the Japanese are way ahead.
  by: ukpunk1   11/02/2007 09:14 PM     

god knows those lovely italian, and french cars are way ahead.
  by: elijah4twenty     11/03/2007 01:47 AM     
  The last Chrysler vehicle I thought was good  
was the Chrysler New Yorker.
It was a luxurious sedan, well-built, comfortable, understated good looks and a dependable engine and drive train.
That was many years ago.
  by: white albino   11/04/2007 12:17 PM     
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