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                 04/24/2014 02:40 AM  
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03/09/2007 02:07 PM ID: 60825 Permalink   

Beatles Catalog- Snatched Back from Jacko


On May 31, 2008 Michael Jackson, the famed King of Pop, will lose one of his prized possessions: The Beatles Music Catalog. Jacko acquired publishing rights to most of the "Fab Four's" music in 1984 for about 47.5 Million dollars.

Jackson, still in the throws of financing woes amid his recent court trials and business negotiations, is looking to sell his half of Sony-ATV back to Sony. Jacko doesn't look to fair well monetarily once the smoke clears

The purchase of the Beatles catalog, said to be one of the wisest investments made by a celebrity has an ever-increasing value and is quoted as being the reason why Michael Jackson continues to be able to live outside the norm.

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I hope losing money will make him HUMAN again, maybe he and Paul can become friends again and he can humbly start his way up the charts. He has made some of the best music ever in the past.
  by: crosimoto     03/09/2007 04:33 PM     
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