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                 04/17/2014 12:16 AM  
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03/08/2007 04:37 PM ID: 60794 Permalink   

Suffragette Against Prohibition Spared Jail


Patricia Tabram has been using marijuana for decades to ease both physical and mental pain. She was arrested the first time in May 2004 after police found 31 plants and blocks of cannabis in her home.

She was just busted again with 4 plants in her closet and refuses to stop growing and using marijuana stating, “"Emmeline Pankhurst had to go to prison three times before women got the vote so I am not going to be worried about it."

She happily showed the arresting officers her grow room and her lauder of food laced with pot including ice cream. Judge David Hodson refused to make a martyr out of Patricia by sending her to jail and suspended her six month sentence.

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  She looks high...  
in the picture. I like her diet! Dammmmmnnnnnn! With a menu like that, she should open a themed restaurant.
  by: djdanx     03/08/2007 07:15 PM     
  Way to go  
Showed the cops her grow room, freaking cool that the Judge understands she was not selling (hopefully) just picture the scene hi maam we need to confiscate all your medicine again
  by: cyphercrash   03/09/2007 10:36 AM     
  I think..  
we should call her "Granabis" for fun
  by: MissCinna   03/10/2007 09:09 PM     
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