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                 04/24/2014 02:39 AM  
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05/30/2006 05:17 PM ID: 54605 Permalink   

FBI Raids a Lawmaker's Office


In the middle of the night, The FBI raided the Rayburn House Office Building suite of Rep. William Jefferson, D-Louisiana under the pretext of investigating bribery. The search was conducted for 18 hours and no attorney was allowed on premise.

"The American people should be..concerned that a decision to conduct a raid on Congress was made..inside the Justice Department and the FBI," Bob Walker,R-Pennsylvania. A rare joint statement protested the raid as a violation of Separation of Power.

James Sensenbrenner, R-Wisconsin, a loyal White House ally, made a speech titled: "Reckless Justice: Did the Saturday Night Raid of Congress Trample the Constitution?" Bush issued orders that seized materials be sealed for 45 days.

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  Poor Officials...  
Get caught doing illegal things, and then they are searched and siezured... oh nos, the humanity!

For shame, that our government officials would actually have to follow the laws, and pay the concequences if they do not.

Actually, when you get down to it, these guys are still being treated better than the american public, because we get searched before any wrong doing is shown, they just get it after they are caught.

I say "The American people should be..overjoyed that the FBI is actually doing their job and busting atleast 1 of these corrupt douche bags."
  by: tellgar     05/30/2006 05:59 PM     
  Separation of Powers  
The Justice Dept is part of the Executive Branch. They don't have jurisdition over ocngressional chambers. They should have passed the request on to Capitol Police to conduct the seisure. That's the issue here, not protecting people who have broken the law. Maybe now congress will wake up to the power-grabbing of the White House.
  by: justaperson     05/30/2006 06:10 PM     
It is naive to assume the FBI is not corrupt and even worse to assume it can not be corrupted. It is just as naive to assume the congress is not corrupt & inefficient.

Now with that in mind, what is the FBI (Executive Branch & Big Oil) doing in the house of a congressman (legistlative branch & Big Corp) with the blessing of the (Judiciary branch & Big Oil)?
  by: kmazzawi     05/30/2006 09:56 PM     
  To be fair...  
The title refers to the raid, but that's not what the article is about. The raid took place a week and a half ago. The article is about questioning the Attorney General about it.
  by: ezanto   05/30/2006 11:46 PM     
  @kmazzawi and @justaperson  
I agree with tellgar on this. Why should I care if a congressman's office was raided on capital hill when the Patriot Act violates the Bill Of Rights by search and seizers of the American Public. I will start caring for a congressman's office raid when more compassion is given to the average american person.
  by: s0n0fagun   05/31/2006 01:29 AM     
Ya your right. I agree. screw them.

It is true that the capitol police and a lawyer should have been involved. The FBI and judiciary should have tried to take steps to prove to us that they are not trying to abuse the checks and balances by taking over privileged confidential client information with no one to even count the documents. I do not believe bribery has anything to do with this else a republican should have been raided first not a democrat. But at the end of the day, it was this congress that voted for the patriot act, so they can go screw themselves and get their just desserts, I just hope it is not too late for them to revoke the crappy laws they passed in favor of the executive asshats.
  by: kmazzawi     05/31/2006 04:21 AM     
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