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                 04/24/2014 10:43 PM  
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02/16/2006 07:06 PM ID: 52905 Permalink   

Russia's Top Muslim 'Mufti' Threaten Homosexuals


The top Russian Islamic figure or 'Mufti' Tajuddin said action against a homosexual parade in Russia will bear physical threat: “The parade should not be allowed, and if they still come out into the streets, then they should be bashed."

He said: “All normal people are going to join it — Muslims and Orthodox alike."

“Muslims’ protests can be even worse than these notorious rallies abroad over the scandalous cartoons,” said Tajuddin.

“Sexual minorities have no rights, because they have crossed the line. Alternative sexuality is a crime against God," he added. Russian gay and lesbian activists announced in July that they want a permit to hold pride celebrations in Moscow next May.

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These mad people are getting normal muslim people a bad name. Who the hell do they think they are forcing their views on the rest of the world? I hope it's a really good Pride and no nutters show up!
  by: Ginge   02/16/2006 09:22 PM     
  Oh, some nutters will show up.  
Fanatics...the religion does not matter, there will always be people who feel the need to hate. Faith is just convenient because the rules are personal, open to interpretation.

If they do show up and incite violence, I hope the police give it right back. They had better, or the message will be that the world will not react to violent Muslim protests and they will not stop. Food for thought - which of the two group involved here most deserves to have their rights stripped, being a danger to society?
  by: MomentOfClarity     02/16/2006 09:30 PM     
  First the cartoonists . . .  
then the gays. If we are not next, we are on the list.
"They came for the Communists, but I wasn't a Communist so I didn't object. They came for the Socialists, but I wasn't a Socialist so I didn't object. They came for the trade union leaders, but I wasn't a union leader so I didn't object. They came for the Jews, but I wasn't a Jew so I didn't object. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to object."
-The Reverend Martin Niemoeller
  by: walter3ca   02/17/2006 12:33 AM     
  Didn't you all know  
Islam is the religion of peace.
  by: sparky_fox   02/17/2006 01:00 AM     
You can't make outrageous statements like that without proof.
  by: koultunami     02/17/2006 01:25 AM     
doesn't like gay people? They always have rainbows and cool sunglasses and stuff.
  by: biohazard   02/17/2006 03:38 AM     
dont deserve ne rites :x...being homosexual is wrong in any of the top major religions.
  by: maxxed   02/17/2006 04:28 AM     
Why the zero tolerance?
You speak no better than these obscene
Islamic Muftis.
You should be ashamed of yourself!
  by: cavador   02/17/2006 04:39 AM     
"any of the top major religions."

Which top major religions would that be?

I don't believe that any christian sect would be a major religion. There is only about 2.1 billion christians split between dozens of sects. So you couldn't have been talking about any of those sects. Individually they don't have the numbers, and they don't agree on many things, homosexuality included.

Is it Islam your talking about? Wait, maybe you mean the Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist people, they have more numbers than most religions, but wait, is no religion, a religion?

Maybe you mean Hinduism... maybe the chinese traditional religon? Oh wait, you mean Buddhism?

Do you really know enough about these religions to speak for them? For that matter, should we listen since even the religions can't agree on what to believe, let alone their stance on homosexuality.
  by: tellgar     02/17/2006 07:13 AM     
"For that matter, should we listen since even the religions can't agree on what to believe,"
actually they can't prove.
  by: kmazzawi     02/17/2006 09:26 AM     
  Russian nationalists...  
White Russians will show up to bash on the muslims and probably on the homosexual element as well. Believe me, these guys are bored and want nothing more than a few seconds of 'glory' bashing someone who is different from them.

Scary hooligans. Moscow is a dangerous place for non-whites!
  by: theironboard     02/17/2006 10:21 AM     
Have you ever read the koran? There is the proof. Islam is a peacful religion as a whole, it is the extremists that are corrupting your view. Have you ever actually held a conversation with an individual that has studied the koran?

Google the koran and read a little - you might be surprised at what you find.

Our "tolerant, peacful" catholic/protestant group has done some pretty atrocious things - the crusades, the salem witch trials...
  by: Twisted_Mister   02/17/2006 12:47 PM     
You are as extreme as any of the muslims that are spreading their rhetoric. You religious view should have absolutely no bearing on an individuals rights. In my country there is supoposed to be a difinitive seperation of church and state - so I really couldn't care less who your "god" condemns. I am a monogomous heterosexual white male but I support every individuals right to pursue happiness, whether with a man or a woman. Get a life and get of your moral high-horse. Read above, the christians are no better than the muslims, they just think they are.
  by: Twisted_Mister   02/17/2006 12:51 PM     
  it was satire  
and a long running in 'joke' here
  by: koultunami     02/17/2006 01:20 PM     
  Lets just hope the Gay's dont turn up armed  
Pink handbags at dawn anyone? :)
  by: CrisW   02/17/2006 05:40 PM     
Remember that when you piss off some other group of people in your life time...

@ ChrisW, seriously, you aren't funny..
  by: jediman3     02/17/2006 05:44 PM     
I got a little chuckle out of ChrisW's comment.
  by: MomentOfClarity     02/17/2006 06:04 PM     
  I guess funny is in the eye of the beholder n/t  
  by: CrisW   02/17/2006 06:05 PM     
to whom who responded to me...

do you approve homosexuality? simple questions. i can understand for some that it is a chemical imbalance in the brain while others it isnt. homosexuality goes against morals. i am not for bashing them or beating them up...but the practice of homosexuality is wrong. have a world of homosexuals...the human pop. would cease to exist.

as for the top religions :

# Christianity: 2.1 billion
# Islam: 1.3 billion
# Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist: 1.1 billion
# Hinduism: 900 million
# Chinese traditional religion: 394 million
  by: maxxed   02/17/2006 09:57 PM     
How is it morally or socially wrong?
So a man wants to love another man, and another woman wants to love a woman. Im heterosexual by the way, so its not like this is a biased opinion if thats what your thinking.
You may not be phyiscally beating them but mentally and verbally beating someone is just as bad.

I fail to see why society is so up in arms over this. Sure the bible says a few things, but do some of you realize that people get things wrong in translation? Not to mention how many times the bible and such has been translated, and how wrong some of the text and messages probably 666 was the sign of the beast, and now we just find out its 661, etc.

So really, before you go and bash gays, look at history. It's been a friggen common practice since well the time of the Greeks. Most of the Greek population in the ancient times loved the company of their own sex, in various ways.

Essentially what I am getting at, is you are just as bad as those threating to beat gays phyiscally. You are just doing it verbally. Words do hurt you realise...why not form an actual opinion around fact and not just belief?
  by: jediman3     02/17/2006 10:06 PM     
Actually, the Bible has the highest pedigree for accuracay of an ancient text - with a total of 5.1% variation across all known greek transations, most of which is typographical errors and the occasional altering of the order of two words.

Secondly, the particular parts of the Bible that reference homosexuality can be traced right back to the original hebrew where they retain their translated meaning - in other words, those sections are as accurate in english as they are in hebrew.

Yes there are variations in Bibles, but by and large, the translations closely accurate. There will always be quibbles as hebrew is a much more precise language than English. If in doubt, you can get the strongs numbers for words that you want to check on, refer back to the original hebrew meaning of the word, and consult contextual disertations on that phrase.
  by: lauriesman     02/18/2006 02:37 AM     
"Christianity: 2.1 billion"

Maybe you missed this, I know reading is difficult.

"There is only about 2.1 billion christians split between dozens of sects. So you couldn't have been talking about any of those sects. Individually they don't have the numbers, and they don't agree on many things, homosexuality included."

Christianity get many different types clumped together, it is an umbrella term. They are composed of many many different grounds, including, but not limited to, the Eastern Orthodoxs, the non-Chalcedonian Orthodoxs, the Western Catholics, the Anglicans, Nestorians, the Armenians, the Syrian Churches, the Coptic Churches of Egypt and Ethiopia, the Lutherans, the Reformed-Presbyterian, the Pietist-Methodists, the Holinesses, the Pentecostal, the European Free-Church, the Baptists, the Independent Fundamentalist, the Adventists, the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Liberals, the Latter-Day Saints, the Communals, the Christian Science-Metaphysicals, and the Unity church.

Now mind you, I may have missed some, and also remember that each of these groups have sub-groups (sects) that have different beliefs that the group they originally came from.

So I say to you again, Christianity is not a top religion, since their only common factor is that they belive in christ in one way or another, and even on the subject of homosexuality do not agree.

Oh and to answer your question, do I approve... No not really, but I think people have the rights to do as they please, as long as it isn't effecting anyone else's rights. Two gay guys going at it in the privacy of their bedroom, it's any of my buisness or yours, well unless they are forcing you into joining in with them, but from where I'm sitting, I don't think there would be much force involved.

"homosexuality goes against morals"

Who's? Morals are relitive to the person who has them, to them, morally it isn't wrong. 1500 years ago, it was morally ok to beat your wife, rape your slaves, and abuse your kids.

Now I've answered your question, how about you answer mine? The last time religion ruled the world and the people, we called it the dark age. Why do you think that is?

Yo hook up the link... I did a little searching, but I couldn't find anything that said the bible was only 5% off from the origians, and I would like to understand that a little better.
  by: tellgar     02/18/2006 03:12 AM     
I had a few typos in that, gave some odd meaning to part of it.

But I'm sure you can read around the typos. Less than 1% of what I typed was wrong. ;p
  by: tellgar     02/18/2006 03:16 AM     
As a Catholic, i'm always struggling with things in life these ghost hunting for instance..Bible says don't communicate with the dead but...

What I was more or less trying to get at is, while what was originally written down may not be have mistranslated throughout the ages, what if who wrote it down got it wrong or wrote it down wrong in the wrong context? Theres always that debate. There are some things with the Bible that I don't quite agree with, but then again we won't go into that now. Thankfully its my belief that God gave me free will to figure things out on my own. Anyhow, thats what I was trying to get at :)

I'm not saying being gay is right or wrong. Its not up to ANY of us to judge people like this. Whatever comes of it is up for far something greater (my belief) in the end.

Anyhow thats all from me (Jediman3).
  by: jediman3     02/18/2006 01:33 PM     
  the only peole  
that should be bashed are muslims and christians fanatics.
  by: BC     03/10/2006 09:41 PM     
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