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                 04/16/2014 06:00 PM  
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03/26/2005 01:11 AM ID: 46935 Permalink   

Soft Tissue Found in Tyrannosaurus Rex Bone


Scientists have found soft tissue in the thigh bone of a tyrannosaurus rex. The discovery was made when they had to break the bone in order to fit it in the helicopter.

In the laboratory they found what they believe could be blood vessels, bone cells and blood cells. In some cases the material was so soft it could be squeezed out. The researchers hope that some museums may break some fossils to look for more tissue

The find may help to answer many questions about dinosaur physiology but casts serious doubt on the current models of how fossilisation occurs. Scientists say it is too early to know if we will see dinosaur DNA but are hopeful.

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  i was just  
about to do this story :)
  by: juleslady     03/26/2005 01:27 AM     
  I'm a die hard evolutionist  
And having 10's of millions-of-years-old squeezable soft tissue means either one of two things:

Our present timetables are caca and the Earth is only 10,000 years old... Jesus actually is my lord and savior... and I have a lot of repenting to do...


Those bones preserved that tissue so amazingly well that... the innards didn't deteriorate after tens of millions of years.

If it was air-tight... and the temperature remained a consistant sub-life level of low...

Oh, heck.

Those eggheads in the labcoats better prove they are worth their inch-thick glasses or I'm going to look like a great big evolutionist fool.

They will though. I'll never believe in God, because God dosen't believe in me.

I believe in dinosaurs and eggheads in labcoats, however.
  by: verboten   03/26/2005 02:01 AM     
  Am i the only one  
who's seeing dinosaurs...
this makes me nervous...
no more JP Park!!!
  by: emp3r0r     03/26/2005 05:25 AM     
  Clone that bad boy!  
Hey, the technology's there and this may be the only chance we'll ever have to get dinosaur cells. I want to see tyrannosaurus steaks available in my supermarket!
  by: mister crank     03/26/2005 10:42 PM     
  no, no  
It has been proven Dinosaurs cannot exist in our present atmosphere.

The gas mixture and air pressure is all wrong.

They can't breathe to support their massive bodies in such a low-oxygen mixture.

In any event,... in a laboratory...
  by: verboten   03/27/2005 07:41 AM     
"It has been proven Dinosaurs cannot exist in our present atmosphere."

I'm intrigued. Have you a source so that I can read more?
  by: ixuzus     03/27/2005 03:13 PM     
Yeah I'm also intrigued. If this is really the truth it sounds like it is a logical reason of why the dinosaurs went extinct?

I was almost under the impression the CO2 content in the atmosphere was higher in those times but im no expert at all haha :-)
  by: luc1dDr3am     03/27/2005 06:56 PM     
By the original report I read regarding this has been lost with time.

It can be found with more google search than I have time for today, but if I come across it, I'll let you know.

The premise of it was that dinosaurs muscles and bodies were so large, and energy-consumptive that they needed much higher concentrations of oxygen in the air they breathed in order to survive.

It completely, along with some more minor issues addressed, destroys the premise that humans and dinosaurs could coexist.

Our phisiologies and biologies are compatiable only with different types of environments -- so radically different, that the two cannot coexist.

The Earth was in a different age, which their dimensions and phisiology is reflective of.

The Brachiosaurus was used as an example... its heart would have had to have been positively enormous to pump to its head, as high as it was -- if we go by modern assumptions of oxygenation of the blood.

Thus it is reasonable to conclude it had higher oxygenation of its blood.

But there were finer points I am certainly not presenting here.

If anyone finds either the one I looked at or a similar report... please do post it.
  by: verboten   03/27/2005 09:58 PM     
Actually, dinosaurs lived during a period of LOW oxygen:
  by: lurker     03/27/2005 10:21 PM     
The prevailing data from the time presents the Earth as having as much as 35% oxygen at sea level.

From all across the spectrum, the scale of the creatures points to certain types of energy being more readily availble, not merely more efficiently processed.

Dragonflies at one point possessed up to 4 foot wingspans -- and their processing faciities could not have been as adept as a land-based animal's to low-oxygen environments.

The gas composition of the Earth was higher millions of years ago -- even if it did dip down on occassion and leave only so many species of dinosaur behind.
  by: verboten   03/28/2005 02:39 AM     
I would assume it would be possible to have had higher levels of O2 and CO2 at the same period, when you consider our present atmosphere is 97% nitrogen and trace gases.
  by: FTFFTW   03/28/2005 07:25 PM     
i so dont think so

have a look at

and i quote

"The Earth' s atmosphere is composed of a mixture of gases, mostly nitrogen (78 percent) and oxygen (21 percent). Argon, methane, ozone, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide make up the rest of air. In addition to "pure air," our atmosphere also carries water vapor, solid particles, and the pollution we create."

my own physiology studies were teaching 20%, but 3% just aint happenin
  by: variable   04/05/2005 07:50 AM     
  clone baby yeah!  
This is god saying, remake those bad boys, bigger, faster stronger whoop :D
  by: koultunami     04/11/2005 03:39 PM     
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