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                 02/24/2018 01:21 AM  
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07/07/2016 04:09 PM ID: 102720 Permalink   

Entire Town Turns Out for Spliff on the Beach Day


The entire town of Temple Terrace Florida celebrated Bob Marley´s birthday with the 6th annual Spliff on the Beach Party. Over 3,000 locals showed up to pay homage to their hero and namesake.

The ´Gnarly Marley´, a giant 10 foot long joint was lit by the Mayor as the Parade Queen, John Little, took the inaugural first hit displaying superb suckage powers and lighting everyone´s fire.

Locals and tourist lined up for blocks for their turn at the Gnarly. No problems marred this years pageant. We asked Ioweegen, Marcy Clark, what she thought of the Gnarly and she replied, "Goad dammmrbutt shhh", and then vomited on the cameraman.

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