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                 02/24/2018 02:52 PM  
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02/12/2016 10:54 AM ID: 102651 Permalink   

Fitbit Malfunction Helps Man Discover His Wife Is Pregnant


After trying to figure out what was wrong with his wife’s malfunctioning Fitbit watch, a man from New York and his wife learned some exciting news: they are going to be parents.

David Trinidad, 34 thought the fitness tracker is broken because it showed his wife´s heartbeat was consistenly faster than her usual rate. He then turned to the social aggregating site Reddit for answers.

It wasn’t long before one Redditor asked if it is possible that his wife is pregnant. "I was definitely very scared and very excited and felt a rush of all those emotions at once," Trinidad says. Several pregnancy tests confirmed that Yvonne Trinidad is expecting.

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