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                 02/24/2018 01:16 AM  
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01/27/2016 12:47 PM ID: 102581 Permalink   

Hillary Clinton Thinks It´s "a Great Idea" to Nominate Obama for Supreme Court


During a campaign event in Iowa Tuesday night, a voter asked Hillary Clinton if she would consider appointing Obama to the Supreme Court should she win the White House.

"Wow, what a great idea! Nobody has ever suggested that to me. Wow. I love that. He may have a few other things to do. But, I´ll tell you, that´s a great idea," she replied.

As a former constitutional law professor and president of the Harvard Law Review, Obama would be a pretty got fit for the position.

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Not just no, but hell no. Let Obama retire to prison, Kenya, or the Middle East.
  by: phobos_anomaly     01/27/2016 08:29 PM     
He´s the best President we ever had and would definitely make a great Supreme Court justice.
  by: Lurker     01/28/2016 06:16 PM     
I disagree on both counts. I don´t think he´s a good president and definitely don´t think he belongs in the supreme court.
  by: phobos_anomaly     01/29/2016 04:59 AM     
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