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                 02/24/2018 01:11 AM  
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12/16/2015 12:22 PM ID: 101424 Permalink   

Florida: Wife Finds Shoplifting Suspect in Husband´s Pajamas


Police in Florida say an escaped shoplifting suspect broke into a home, took a shower, put on some pajamas and took a nap. Eryn Rice, 22 was breaking into a Deltona home on Sunday after escaping from a deputy who´d arrested her for shoplifting at a local CVS.

When the 73-year-old woman living there came home, she assumed her husband was having an affair with the suspect. Her husband swore that he had never seen Rice.

The elderly woman then offered Rice bowl of cereal, which she "repeatedly fell asleep" over and then contacted authorities, who arrested her. Rice was charged with grand theft, resisting arrest with violence, giving a false name upon arrest and retail theft.

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