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                 02/22/2018 04:19 AM  
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07/12/2015 12:59 PM ID: 100829 Permalink   

Passengers Would Face Each Other With New Airline Seating Plan


A new space-saving design for passenger seats in the economy section by Zodiac Aerospace would make passengers sit opposite of people sitting next to them.

The company applied for a patent to reconfigure the seats on airplanes. With "the Economy Class Cabin Hexagon", the seats will be flipped around, increasing the amount of room between them by 15 percent.

The document states that passengers will be given "four more inches of available leg room" as well as more shoulder space.

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The passengers wouldn´t be given 4 more inches of legroom. The airline would be able to move the rows 4 inches closer and probably squeeze another row or two in. Of course "upgrades" are expensive, so there would be a ticket fee, and they wouldn´t add any more overhead space, so lets make the carry-on size smaller but keep the baggage fees. It´s just like other modern forms of efficiency in that rather than making things easier or nicer, it just lets companies squeeze workers/consumers that much more. Yes, I´m bitter.
  by: justaperson     07/12/2015 08:02 PM     
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