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                 12/17/2017 04:57 PM  
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05/24/2015 01:35 PM ID: 100645 Permalink   

Saudi Arabia Plans World´s Largest Hotel With 10,000 Rooms


The world’s largest hotel is being planned for Mecca, Saudi Arabia, a remarkable structure that will contain 10,000 rooms.

The Abraj Kudai complex will have twelve towers, 70 restaurants, 4 helicopter landing pads and a shopping center. The $3.5-billion hotel is modeled after a "traditional desert fortress" and is scheduled to open in 2017.

Currently, Las Vegas is home to the world´s largest hotels - the Venetian (7,117 rooms) and the MGM Grand (6,852).

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  This greed thing...  
is the ugliest most selfish thing in our human race, the gluttony makes me vomit.

  by: captainjane     05/25/2015 04:05 AM     
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