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                 12/17/2017 06:44 PM  
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05/13/2015 07:43 PM ID: 100607 Permalink   

North Korea Defense Chief Hyon Yong-Chol Executed


North Korea has publicly executed its defense chief Hyon Yong-Chol after the regime accused him of treason.

The country┬┤s Armed Forces Minister was killed by anti-aircraft gunfire with hundreds officials watching.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reportedly ordered his defense chief executed for disrespecting him, particularly for sleeping during a meeting presided over by Kim.

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If this is true, it just adds more evidence to the fact that this dictator is immature and bat-shit crazy.
  by: Lurker     05/13/2015 11:24 PM     
  Anyone wanting to kill, unless they were...  
defending their lives are psychopaths as well the hundreds watching, unless they had no other option.
  by: captainJane     05/15/2015 05:14 PM     
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