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                 02/24/2018 01:18 AM  
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02/15/2015 10:19 PM ID: 100343 Permalink   

Carnival Parade in Germany Canceled Due to "Specific Threat of an Islamist Attack"


A Carnival parade in the northern German city Braunschweig was reportedly canceled following the threat of a terrorist attack.

Police said they identified a concrete threat for an attack with Islamic background.

The parade is one the largest of its kind attracting around 250,000 visitors each year. "Many people arriving at the train station were already dressed up and very disappointed. But we didnĀ“t want to take any risks," police said.

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Isis, are connected to Israel. Now we have to work out where this is really coming from and why.
  by: captainJane     02/16/2015 04:30 PM     
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