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                 02/22/2018 04:15 AM  
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01/18/2015 02:25 AM ID: 100307 Permalink   

Woman Cuts Man´s Penis in China Twice


A 32-year-old man named Fan Lung sent a message to his 21-year-old mistress Zhang Hung with his wife´s cell phone. His 20-year-old wife Feng Lung discovered it and then used a pair of scissors to sever his penis while he was asleep in bed.

Fan was taken to the hospital and the penis was reattached. However, Fan snuck into the hospital and cut the penis off again and threw it onto the street through a window. Fan chased his wife onto the streets and beat her while naked and bleeding.

Hospital staff came onto the scene and Fan was rehospitalized. The penis was missing and likely taken by a stray animal. Zhang Hung said that she still intended to marry him and since he has five children that his missing penis doesn´t matter.

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