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Greetings to any SNers old enough to remember me. Just thought I´d drop in and say hi.
 From: ixuzus     07/02/2013 03:47 PM     
  yeah, mon...!  
you have arrived just in time for the shortnews revival party.
  by: newshorts   07/02/2013 06:56 PM     
Hey, Ix. I still pop in here from time to time. Don´t really know why.
  by: Lurker     07/03/2013 04:28 PM     
  Waving back @ix  
@newshorts Put another track on. ;)
  by: captainJane     07/12/2013 10:52 AM     
  Been a While  
It is good to see old friends. Missed you all.
  by: ichi     07/24/2013 04:26 AM     
  Hell @Ichi  
I almost forgot all about you. ;)

  by: captainJane     07/28/2013 02:46 AM     
hey ix hey jane hey everyone
  by: stonedwookie   08/09/2013 07:42 AM     
  "waves back"  
Sure do miss the old days on here.

[ edited by jonsmith999 ]
  by: jonsmith999   08/11/2013 11:36 PM     
  I second that  
  by: captainJane     08/13/2013 03:48 AM     
Still missing everyone, which is why I came back to see what´s up. Good old times here.
  by: vhan     08/16/2013 11:30 PM     
  Hi :)  
I hope everyone´s well!
  by: Katieay     08/21/2013 12:32 PM     
  way cool  
to see the names from the days of yore. (sigh) those were the days
  by: John E Angel     08/21/2013 11:55 PM     
  G´day Everyone  
Hope the universe is treating you all well.
  by: stretchman     08/23/2013 03:39 PM     
  This feels good.  
  by: captainJane     08/24/2013 05:17 PM     
I have that song on karaoke.
  by: Lurker     08/24/2013 08:51 PM     
  Then sing it for us.  
  by: captainJane     08/24/2013 09:52 PM     
  Ah, what the hell.  
  by: Ben_Reilly     08/26/2013 05:39 AM     
  Poor Ben  
*hands you a cookie*

What has everyone been up to?
  by: Katieay     08/27/2013 03:10 PM     
  Thanks for the cookie  
... but I don´t need consolation, I´m doing great! Life is good, thanks. Work´s still fun after all these years, and I´ve become an enthusiastic student of Spanish ever since I found a great offer for Rosetta Stone (and discovered DuoLingo).

How have you been? And whatever happened to NewsHabit; was it just abandoned?
  by: Ben_Reilly     08/27/2013 06:53 PM     
  The consolation  
was because you seemed so reluctant to join in ;o)

I think we all just got too busy for NH, to be honest. I know it was the case for me.

I´m doing great too, thanks. Working at the local airport, getting a photog. biz off the ground etc. My kidlet starts school next week. So not ready for that. Waaaaaa.
  by: Katieay     08/27/2013 10:56 PM     
is a cookie.
  by: newshorts   11/04/2013 02:53 PM     
  I like cookies  
  by: captainJane     11/04/2013 10:01 PM     
you got some cookies?
  by: newshorts   11/05/2013 09:29 AM     
  newshorts want some cookies? ...  
newshorts get some cookies. ;)

  by: captainJane     11/06/2013 03:47 AM     
  I´m waving at all of you  
If anyone still remembers me???
  by: reehaw     11/07/2013 11:48 PM     
Reehaw. How could anyone I forget you! ;)

[ edited by captainJane ]
  by: captainJane     11/08/2013 01:40 AM     
all, what a pleasure to see you all here! Good to see everyone is doing just fine!
  by: sleeky     11/11/2013 03:25 AM     
  there´s a pulse....  
is SN still alive? where is the class of 2000 now?? how great this place was back then......
  by: flashby     11/20/2013 01:17 PM     
  Hey Flash  
  by: sleeky     11/21/2013 10:26 AM     
waving back at all of you...........
  by: SilverVixen     11/21/2013 10:38 AM     
  hey Sleeky  
All´s good here thanks, and you?

Anyone know how to get in contact with theironboard? Not spoken to him for ages.
  by: flashby     11/28/2013 05:41 PM     
  I don´t  
He hasn´t been on here forever. He was in some repressive country the last I heard and was having to be careful what he posted. That worried me.
  by: Lurker     11/28/2013 09:30 PM     
he leaves us a comment here soon.
  by: captainJane     11/30/2013 01:15 PM     
Lots of memories connected with all you "A" listers above. Still a few names missing, though.
  by: womenareviolent     12/06/2013 11:34 AM     
  It´s nice  
to come back and "see" all of you, though. Instead of just coming back, shaking my head, and leaving again ;)
  by: Katieay     12/09/2013 05:46 PM     
  Good one!  
I feel the same way.
  by: Lurker     12/11/2013 08:02 PM     
  Waving @all  
Have a good time over this holiday. Miss you all! :)
  by: captainJane     12/23/2013 09:42 PM     
Hi all! :)

So... who´s ready to debate politics?

Good to see all of you again!

[ edited by carnold ]
  by: carnold     01/08/2014 01:07 AM     
it looks like even lurker has abandoned shorTnews. nobody to argue politics with on this site, i guess.
  by: newshorts   01/27/2014 03:53 AM     
maybe should get that new shabit site up and running again.
  by: newshorts   01/30/2014 12:30 AM     
Was bored and I came on here. Although my initial username is blocked because they didn´t like what I had to say. I miss being on here and chatting with all of you! Been a busy life, I don´t even know what year I was last on here. I finished college and am working as a substance abuse counselor for Satan Incarnate (seriously). It´s great seeing what you all have been up to!

  by: NoTalentAsscIown   02/25/2014 12:42 AM     
  Hello All ..  
Nice seeing some familiar names on here again. I do miss the place.

No idea why it got axed the way it did. :-(
  by: wwarrior     02/25/2014 07:23 AM     
  some tulips are on the way...  
  by: newshorts   03/04/2014 12:25 PM     
Doubt anyone remembers me but hello anyway. And there´s an edit button now. Neat. Wish we had that when I was a regular.

[ edited by jaded fox ]
  by: jaded fox     03/08/2014 11:39 AM     
I remember you :)
  by: Katieay     03/31/2014 09:03 PM     
  Hello everyone!  
Still see some familiar faces on here - hope everyone´s doing well.

Have a great day!

Cheers :)
  by: quantum1.5     04/08/2014 03:34 AM     
  bumper clip  
  by: newshorts   05/01/2014 04:06 AM     
  Hey Shorts...  
That was too long. I want my 23 seconds back!
  by: womenareviolent     05/01/2014 04:58 AM     
  You guys ain´t dead yet? WTF!  
Looks like a slow motion party. Lasted a year so far and still swinging.

Hangin tough and trying to keep parts from fallin off. Old age is not for the weak. Farming and fishing and trying not to die. Sometimes it is difficult.

Child Support msg for sleeky. Remember that peacock I named after you? Well it turned out to be a peahen. And I now have her eggs in the incubator. You´re going to have babies. Send feed.

This place is like an old habit. It´s nice to see some old faces again....even if they are just nicks.

Just remember guys, when you are sawing the ZZZZZ´s be careful of the morning wood.
  by: Valkyrie123     05/13/2014 06:48 PM     
  Hi Valkerie!  
Good to see you are doing ok! Often wondered about the pea hen I´m happy to see that it´s doing ok also! Take care. Miss the good old days of SN.
  by: Sleeky     05/13/2014 10:27 PM     
  So there is life on this planet after all  
Greetings earthlings. Good to see we are all still pulsing along. Avoiding death is hard but keeps sure keeps you fit, even if it does hurt with all this never ending effort.
  by: captainJane     05/14/2014 01:52 AM     
  If you want to call this rag tag....  
bunch of space cadets ´life´. I sure don´t qualify. Been a cold miserable winter. Two in a row. And two years of drought in the summer. Not good for me, the crops or the birds.

How are you doing Capt?

My nephew married Capt Janeway´s niece. They just had a kid. Trying to think of an appropriate gift.
  by: Valkyrie123     05/14/2014 04:07 AM     
  I´m back too...  
...joined 2006 and miss the good times... time to get this up and running again?
  by: rcavi     05/20/2014 03:48 PM     
  Not with the current mods....  
or lack thereof........
  by: Valkyrie123     05/21/2014 05:35 PM     
  Janeways niece  
.... Get some Dilithium crystals, as a gift!

I did actually have them with me on board voyager but could not land at all for the christening because of these peculiar planes you earthlings ride around in, they are strange looking things leaving their fart trails. The farts leaked into our air vents, they were the worst thing I have encountered since the deli belly incident, talk about the attack of the clingons.

  by: captainJane     05/24/2014 10:49 PM     
  @ C.J.  
Upon reading your latest post I first thought you were nuts. I then re-read it, and again I thought you were nuts. After about 15 readings I began to understand what it meant and it made sense. Well, half of it, anyway. So I´ve come to the conclusion you are are only half nuts. :-)
  by: womenareviolent     05/25/2014 02:37 AM     
it seems you are quite a slow learner.
  by: newshorts   05/25/2014 06:32 AM     
Not sure if that´s a flame at me or if it´s siding with my friendly poke at captain Jane.

You could be right, I may be a slow learner.
  by: womenareviolent     05/25/2014 08:43 AM     
  No poking in here please...  
we are not in facbook, this is shortnews. :) @wrv
  by: captainJane     05/29/2014 02:09 PM     
not even a ´slow poke´?
  by: newshorts   05/29/2014 06:10 PM     
  Slow pokes....  
especially, as I really do not have the time. @newshorts

[ edited by captainJane ]
  by: captainJane     05/31/2014 06:19 PM     
No idea why, but I still remember this site after 12 years. Cool to see its still up, even if it isn´t that active any more. =(
  by: Dynamite     06/01/2014 12:26 AM     
  I still can´t believe I remember my password  
But a lot of shortnewsers have ended up here.

Check it out!
  by: Gnaglor     06/10/2014 07:36 PM     
The last comment here was June 10, 2014.
I just received notification of it minutes ago - today is Aug 21, 2014.
Talk about a slow Shortnews day!

Oh, and CJ... I was picking blackberries today and got poked. Are we even now?

[ edited by womenareviolent ]
  by: womenareviolent     08/21/2014 11:27 AM     
Where´s the like button? ;)
  by: Lurker     08/22/2014 08:05 PM     
you will have to use your belly button,
and get yourself a ben reily expletive coo-coo clock: every hour ´little ben´ will pop out and swear at you.

  by: newshorts   08/22/2014 09:42 PM     
  by: womenareviolent     08/23/2014 07:07 AM     
Nephew and niece named the kid Kerilian or something. I just call him Klingon and am teaching him the language. The parents are not thrilled about this. I don´t understand why. Kaplah.
  by: Valkyrie123     08/27/2014 04:44 PM     
It´s been YEEAAAAAAAAAARRSSSS!!!! We´ve had some good times....Miss you all!
  by: crosimoto     09/09/2014 07:41 PM     
  Waving at all in the tin foil hats .  
Even carnold.

Hi crosimoto. Good to see you.

What the hell happened to that rotter caution? He was a real pain in the rear end, so he was.

@valk. Hurry up and pack woman. My ship should be landing at yours in the next couple of weeks, your time. There is enough room for the critters. We are out of here girl. :P
  by: captainJane     09/18/2014 03:48 AM     
  this is comment 70  
way to go, captain.
  by: newshorts   09/20/2014 04:30 AM     
  This is comment 71...  
I like odd numbers. :P @newshorts

Who is going to be 72?
  by: captainjane     09/27/2014 11:35 PM     
  Comment 71.100  
Oh, CJ, you´re an odd number, alright.

? ? ?
  by: womenareviolent     09/27/2014 11:52 PM     
  I like odd..  
and odd numbers. So thanks for the complement. :P :)
  by: captainjane     09/28/2014 12:38 AM     
  exactly how odd do you like it,  
maybe i will apply for the position.

it´s a tough act to follow a comment 69 alien abduction.

  by: newshorts   09/28/2014 05:04 PM     
please read your PM. :)
  by: John E Angel     09/29/2014 05:18 PM     
  Moving on...  
from newshorts vulgar comment.

Hello Ichi. :)
  by: captainJane     10/02/2014 04:23 PM     
  Hi Jane and All  
When I stop by here I get one of those warm glow things you get from seeing old friends.
  by: ichi     10/31/2014 05:47 PM     
  Home is where the heart is...  
as the old saying goes. In this case it s where we choose to be home.

Hey ichi. ;)

  by: captainJane     11/26/2014 12:53 AM     
  by: Lurker     12/13/2014 05:29 AM     
bump 2
  by: captainJane     12/25/2014 07:57 AM     
  OK 2  
Bump on Christmas Day?


Or whatever else, if anything, you choose to celebrate.
  by: womenareviolent     12/25/2014 09:12 AM     
  So it´s a 3  
Hope you all have a good break. Remember to breathe real deep, on the odd day without the smog.

Thinking of you all with a smile on my old face.
  by: captainJane     12/26/2014 03:32 PM     
  Happy New Year  
I´m still alive but I don´t know why. Not smelling so good though, old people funk. Rot on everyone!
  by: Valkyrie123     01/09/2015 09:31 PM     
:-) :-) :-)

[ edited by womenareviolent ]
  by: womenareviolent     01/10/2015 01:35 AM     
  Hey Valk  
Keep on limping on babe, maybe things will improve and as for our pong. Rather stink than use toxic waste on my body and cloths. Be natural mate. I love your smell it smells friendly, more like a human.
  by: captainJane     01/11/2015 01:06 AM     
  Happy 2015, Valk!  
Good to hear from you!!
  by: Lurker     01/28/2015 05:26 AM     
Where are you fine folks?
  by: Lurker     09/09/2015 07:52 PM     
  Not many of us about.  
Miss the old days.
  by: captainJane     09/10/2015 06:31 PM     
  Hi Peeps  
I´m still around - never come back here though really.

I miss the old place.
  by: WWarrior     09/10/2015 06:39 PM     
It will never be the same as we have all changed over the years, but a few more of us would make it home again. Come back soon.
  by: captainJane     09/11/2015 05:38 PM     
  Every so often  
I rediscover this place. I make post or two but usually I´m so busy I don´t have the time to put in what this site deserves.

I keep trying though :D
  by: zephan     09/28/2015 03:57 PM     
  Open heart surgery last spring....  
still not dead. Don´t recommend it unless you really need it. That was rough. Much worse than crashing the plane. I´m alive and doing well. Rebuilt my sailboat this summer for cardio rehab. Must be an acre of fiberglass. Boat looks better than me but I´m a few years older and most of my lines have long since headed south.
  by: Valkyrie123     10/19/2015 03:11 PM     
Geez Valk - glad to hear you´re ok then.
  by: WWarrior     10/19/2015 03:14 PM     
  Thank WW...  
My shrink says I´m far from OK but I am still alive. Not sure if that´s a good thing or a bad thing yet. May have to leave that to a vote.
  by: Valkyrie123     10/19/2015 04:04 PM     
Hello everyone - remember me? ;)
  by: boolie     10/21/2015 01:16 PM     
  I vote...  
it is a very GOOD thing! ;)

We need Valk here more often.
  by: captainJane     10/25/2015 12:59 AM     
I remember you. What´s been happening?
You have 6.557.620 points now.

[ edited by Lurker ]
  by: Lurker     10/29/2015 03:55 AM     
  all I hear are  
  by: Lurker     11/24/2017 02:45 AM     
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