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  How has Mitt Romney...  
got the reputation of an "out-of-touch rich guy"?
 From: captainJane     08/03/2012 04:03 PM     
Good one, Jane! ;)
  by: Lurker     08/03/2012 06:30 PM     
  yeah jane, that´s a real pip.  
  by: newshorts   08/03/2012 07:01 PM     
  Say huh?  
So was Obama, dipwad. What´s your point? Or are you one of those tin foil hat birthers?
  by: Lurker     08/04/2012 01:28 AM     
  once again...  
lurker relies on name calling.

  by: newshorts   08/04/2012 04:00 AM     
  "make my day"  
  by: newshorts   08/04/2012 01:03 PM     
A two-bit "B" actor endorses Romney. What else is new? A two bit "B" actor actually WAS President once:
  by: Lurker     08/04/2012 06:26 PM     
  So, would that have been....  
John Wayne or Ronald Reagan.

;) John Wayne was a great actor in his day!
  by: captainJane     08/04/2012 11:55 PM     
That will be captain to you. ;)
  by: captainJane     08/09/2012 09:56 PM     
wow captain! does this mean you want to beam me up for a bedtime snack?
  by: newshorts   08/10/2012 11:36 AM     
I find it interesting that Romney USES A TELEPROMPTER . Remember the right-wing outrage over Obama using a teleprompter? Where is that outrage over Romney? Just saying. ;)

[ edited by Lurker ]
  by: Lurker     08/11/2012 07:28 PM     
To steal a joke from Letterman, I call Romney Robiney Romneyhood. He steals from the poor and Middle Class and gives it to the rich. Obama said something similar.

[ edited by Lurker ]
  by: Lurker     08/11/2012 07:36 PM     
  what would captain jane do if she was american?

vote for the romulan dude.
he´s not an alien.

  by: newshorts   08/11/2012 11:13 PM     
If I was an American citizen, yes I would vote for Obama. Not that I agree on the healthcare situation, :/ that just sucks!

The problem I see over that side of the pond is that any president in office does not have anywhere near ALL control. This should be a good thing. Behind any president will be those “others” grinding them down and constantly pushing them into making a hell of a lot of wrong decisions, for humanity and decisions in favour of the elite! Same for the UK with the elite.
So my main reason for voting for Obama would be the fact that he is not the war mongering puppet that Bush was. Plus thankfully, he is not vain and full of self importance, so won´t be very easily fooled.
So personally speaking, I would feel far safer with him having "some say" over any future conflicts this world will no doubt encounter. Whenever America is involved in war the rest of us have to fall into line.
  by: captainJane     08/12/2012 07:11 PM     
we can´t do that to ourselves again.
  by: newshorts   08/31/2012 06:19 AM     
  Will Romney, close Gautama bay....  
end this pointless Afghanistan war, and NOT be the war monger that Bush was??? Will he work with bringing both large and small industries back into America and assist the small struggling companies, or will he remain in the pocket of the large corporations as has previous presidents? Next question will he help the people of America to have a better health care system?

Finally, if Clint Eastwood would sign a guarantee this man WILL keep his word and what would he do, if Romney told him to go... --- himself
  by: captainJane     09/01/2012 01:46 PM     
I think this answers your question

He will be kicking off a whole new round of wars, even worse than the current, US/EU stage managed Arab Spring conflicts, which have achieved little apart from installing new trainee despots.
  by: stretchman     09/01/2012 03:04 PM     
  Instead of the question marks...  
I should of added full stops. Because lessons never seemed to be learned!

So I see exactly what you mean. @Stretch.

Here is one guy that thinks from the same box.

Desmond Tutu calls for Blair and Bush to be tried over Iraq

Blair, one dangerous puppet.

  by: captainJane     09/02/2012 09:05 AM     
  empty chair day  
  by: newshorts   09/03/2012 08:20 PM     
  @ stretchman  
He will be kicking off a whole new round of wars,

After viewing your link and reading your post. You seem to imply Romney is advocating war without just cause. I would hope if Obama somehow pulls off getting re-elected he will take the same stance also.

I ask you and all who use the term war monger in their delusional attempt to pretend everyone in the world can hold hands and sing "Kumbaya" and live in harmony in spite of greed and religion, step out of their perfect fairy tale world for a minute and answer this. Is your solution to this problem to have the rest of the world sit back close their eyes and do nothing while this takes place??

Read it carefully. Then imagine if you will, your family listening to the news hearing someone of great power saying this about your country.

Would you not seek help from other countries to "curb" this when you learned crying won´t help you and praying won´t do you no good!! (Led Zepplin)

[ edited by Hotwired ]
  by: Hotwired   09/06/2012 10:15 AM     
  @Hotwired. Regarding the link...  
Regarding the link, it is only what Israel have been doing to the Palestinians for decades (in 1914 Jews comprised only 12 percent of the total population of Palestine), but no one helps them reclaim their dwindling land. Why has there been no intervention from the USA to free them from occupation? The most likely reason is because there is nothing for the U.S to gain.
Going to war with another country with tenuous reasons is warmongering, Bush did it with Iraq and Romney will do it with Iran, he has already pointed to conflict whilst visiting Israel to bolster the Jewish vote back home. The Iranians have been chairing Non-Aligned Movement where the supreme leader Ali Khamenei spoke up for global nuclear disarmament, which is something you don’t get reported in the main stream media.

The Middle East is a hot bed at the moment and provocative speeches by politicians does not help. It would appear Obama is trying with diplomacy, sanctions and cyber attacks. Romney would not think it out and go in all guns blazing which would accelerate the world to another world war.
  by: captainJane     09/06/2012 04:12 PM     
Thanks for the completely unbiased and balanced link.

Here´s one for you

But then evidence doesn´t really matter to the Coalition of the Greedy and their corporate sponsors
  by: stretchman     09/06/2012 05:56 PM     
  empty chair day  
The right celebrates empty brain day every day.
  by: Lurker     09/06/2012 07:09 PM     
  the empty chair party  
  by: newshorts   10/06/2012 10:32 AM     
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