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1.The NEWS Manager
Remembers the news you have already read. This guarantees you only receive information which really is NEWS to you.
Individually selectable NEWS channels. Retrieves only the NEWS that is of interest to you.
Other features include a Faster Navigation System and Advanced Filter Options just to name a few.
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A unique News Community awaits you. Everyday 24 - 7, the members of the ShortNews community submit hundreds of interesting NEWS items to the ShortNews service. Anything that a member finds NEWS worthy in their travels around the internet can be submited as potential NEWS. Submitted NEWS is sorted into over 1500 specifc NEWS channels. This way ShortNews guarantees ready access, and a good oversight over special interest NEWS to it's community. 
MyShortNews: your personal News Manager delivers only the news which is of interest to you. 
ShortNews Members gain benefits. By becoming a member you can take full advantage of the range of ShortNews features such as, receiving NEWS by email and taking part in the Prize Draws held for active participation. 
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