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What is ShortNews ?
Why do I need ShortNews?
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MyShortNews: Your wholly individual information turntable
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  Why do I need ShortNews?
ShortNews is there for you, 24 hours a day.
To be permanently up-to-date
With ShortNews you are always up-to-date. With over 1500 channels and reporters from all over the world, anything newsworthy will be here. With MyShortNews you even get a personal daily newspaper, wholly adapted to your individual interests.
To quickly be informed about a specific topic
Using the keyword search, you'll quickly find all information about a specific topic. In the shortest time possible you'll be informed and up-to-date about everything which concerns your query.
To know of what's currently being talked about
Even if you're not interested in politics for instance, you can still join in with the conversation. In every category you'll find under "Popular News" the topics which are currently grabbing the publics imagination.
To have your say
If a topic or message gets your goat, don't be offended. Every message can immediately be commented on by you. From the reactions to your comments you'll soon see whether you're on your own with your opinion, or whether you also speak for the feelings of other people.
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