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  What advantages do I gain by using ShortNews?
At no other source of information can you find and take-in so much information in such a short period of time as with ShortNews.
The realisation of community thought - lots for many - creates advantages for a news platform, which cannot be created by any other news offer.
During the information search:
Completeness and speed
The are more than 1500 topic categories. These can be potentially supplied by over 150 million people. This enables a width and depth of information which no other news source can offer.People care for accuracy and speed around the clock. ShortNews delivers this.
When receiving information:
Quality, compactness and surety.
The news can be ordered according to Popular, Quality or Latest. As well, you have the MyShortNews function. This allows you to select what you want from the myriad information on offer.
With each news item reduced down to essential keywords, you get an extremely fast acceptance of information. No more wading through complicated text.
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