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  Negative examples of news deliveries
How should news items at ShortNews look? Following are a few examples of news item which are NOT acceptable to ShortNews:

1. Advertise your car for free.......

NoLemons offers every user the chance to advertise his car for free in the new online database for used cars

WebReporter: John35 (NoLemons)

This is not regarded a new item of general interest, rather it is masked advertising !!! The Web-Reporter, who is obviously an employee of the mentioned car dealership, does not want to inform objectively, rather he wants to increase the popularity of the Web offer for his own gain.

2. Vote for the worst homepages!

Personal call to vote for the worst homepages! Send your contributions to My favourite: Stands for innovation, modern and successful !


Channel I: Entertainment . Stars . All Channel II: Freetime . Hobby . All

This is not a news item in the real sense of the word, rather it is a personal statement!!! Messages don't belong in the news offer, rather in the forum. Furthermore, the allocation of channels is completely random.

3. Clinton no longer party member

Kenneth Starr is also of the opinion that Clinton has nothing worthwhile to say! It is still unclear whether Clinton must appear in court

The title of this news item is confusing!! The headline leads one to believe that the politician has been excluded from the Democratic Party. Generally, it is not permitted to lead the reader along the wrong path just to receive more visits.

4. My wife has just picked up the Pizza!!!

Yeah, I'm going to eat now!!! My wife has just picked up pizza!!!


Channel I: Hot topics . Catastrophes . All Channel II: Hot topics . Curious . All Channel III: Freetime . Erotic . All

This news is a hoax!!! The news item is absolute nonsense. The WebReporter wants someone to click on the item and therefore come directly to his private homepage. This is a serious breach, which usually leads to the user being excluded immediately!!!

5. Booze page in the Internet

Everything about boozing, under construction


Channel I: Hot topics . Curious . All Channel II: High Tech . Internet . Webservice

There's no room even for this message in the ShortNews offer!!! Firstly, it is also being attempted to tempt visitors to a Web offer for personal gain. Secondly, in the interest of the other users we will not permit others to misuse the platform to distribute doubtful contents and life standards!!!

6. Screwing competition with 2000 men

The 23 year old tramp star Sabrina Johnson wants to break the world record duration f*** on New Year's Eve

The language style of the news item is unacceptable for an online offer to which children and youths can participate, and will be refused as course and insulting!!! A less crass form which would be acceptable to ShortNews would be something like:

Can the 23 year old entertain 2000 men in 24 hours? On new years eve, 23 year old Sabrina Johnson (Porno star) wants to have permanent sex for 24 hours with 2000 men and broadcast this live across the Internet


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