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MyShortNews: Your wholly individual information turntable
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  MyShortNews: Your wholly individual information turntable

Individual processing elements

My Channels: Here you can see which channels you have currently subscribed to. From here you can find the information you specify in the whole of ShortNews.

My search keywords: Similarly as under "My channels", it is here possible to directly go to the search terms you have entered (such as company names, persons etc.).

Individual processing elements

1. Submit News: The cool bit! Here you become really active in the community and pla(Details here!)

2. Personal statistics: Detailed information about your current amount of points can be obtained here. Soon you will also be able to see if you are the daily winner here, and therefore whether you can claim one of our prizes.

3. Subscribe to channel / search term: In this menu command you have the possibility to set up "MyShortNews" according to your individual selections of specific channels and search terms, your personal interests and preferences. (Details here!)

4. Add / delete channels: Have you lost interest in a particular category and wish to delete it, or do you wish to add a further category to your personal news centre? Here you have the possibility to make the relevant changes. (Details here!)

5. Add / delete search terms: As for the channels, you can add or delete search terms as desired. (Details here!)

6. Change password: : For reasons of security we recommend that you change your password from time to time. Simply enter a new password and confirm it.

7. LogOut: Use this function to leave ""MyShortNews"".

How can I use ""MyShortNews"" best?

To adapt ""MyShortNews"" as best as possible to your interests and requirements we recommend you follow three steps:

1st. step:

Subscribe to channels. To do this, under ""MyShortNews"" go right to ""Add channels"". Now you can select the desired channel from the drop down field. Confirm your selection using ""add to personal channels"". Repeat this until you have accepted all desired channels. Now click on ""Change channels"".

2nd. step:

Change channels. Now you can modify the channels you have subscribed to according to your expectations. The following menu will appear:

Make channel as start channel, that is, the channel is always shown first when logging in to ""MyShortNews""

Select channel sort criteria

Use the green tick to confirm the selection of each individual channel

The red cross deletes the channel

3rd. step:

Change search term. The subscribed channels can now be supplemented with any amount of search terms (e.g.: company names, persons, certain topical areas etc.). With ""Change search term"" expressions can be either global (All: All: All) or configured only for specific channels.


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