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  How do I use ShortNews

Main navigation bar

Wherever you currently are in ShortNews, the main navigation bar is always available to you

Home: Regardless of where you are at the moment, using "Home" you return to the start page

Join: Get a user account, become a webreporter and deliver your own news

Deliver news:: This is our "NewsGrabber", a comfortable tool to deliver news items (details here!)

MyShortNews: Buried behind this menu command is the real core piece of ShortNews, your wholly individual information platform adapted to your needs (details here!)

Highscore: Here you can find out who is the daily, weekly and monthly winner as well as who belongs to the current Top-Users of the day

Instructions: This is where you currently are

Forum: If you want to say your opinion, or discuss interesting topics with others, here's the place to do it

Channel and search functions

To get to the channels, you can use the channel bar on the left to select topic areas which are interesting to you.

The Shortnews search mask helps you with your search for certain keywords

"Popular-News" shows the news which receive the most clicks per hour

"Quality-News" orders the news in accordance with the user's positive assessment in relation to the number of users

"Latest News" shows the last news item to arrive

Deliver news

With the "NewsGrabber" you have a powerful and user friendly tool to deliver news available to you. You can activate the NewsGrabber either via "Deliver news" on the start page or via the same click field in the right column of "MyShortNews".




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