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  How do I publish the news?

Delivering news is done in 7 steps:

1st step: Select a section Open the NewsGrabber and select either Hard News, Soft News or Tips and Tricks, depending on what the item you wish to write fits under.

2nd step: Search for other news Use this function to enter up to three key words describing your proposed news to make sure you are not repeating an earlier item.

3rd step: Select a title: Select a short, to the point title. The title cannot be the same as the title used in the source for legal reasons.

4th step: Key points Collate the news into the most important key points. Please comply with the following when doing this: Do not, under any circumstances, copy entire sentences 1:1 (copyright!). You must change the sentence in every case, but the best is to say it using your own words. You can formulate a maximum of 3 core statements and 7 minor facts. Please limit yourself to the essentials and make it short.

5th step: Source details Now enter the source of the news item. If you have used one of our sources in the left pane of the NewsGrabber, the Internet address is automatically entered. Otherwise, copy the source manually. Please understand that we currently only allow news with an http source, as these can be checked without any great effort.

6th step:: Allocation In order to present your news item to others, it must now be allocated to the relevant channels. Each Channel is divided into three hierarchy steps (I., II., III.). So that your news item can be found, at least one channel must be entered, and up to a maximum of three different channels can be selected. Your details up to now can be confirmed with a click on "continue to Step 5 / preview".

7th step: Checking and reworking In the preview you can now see how your news item will look later on in ShortNews. Please carefully check grammar and spelling again. If your news item draft contains errors you can correct these under "Correct news". After you have ensured that your news item is error free it is delivered via "Deliver news" directly into the channel selected by you. You receive an immediate credit of 100 points to your account


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