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How do I receive points?
  How do I receive points?
ShortNews points system
Points are awarded for:
50 Visits/News [+]
For every news with a sound or better assessment you receive 50 points per 50 visits.
50 Points  
      good 10 Points  
      very good 20 Points  
For every comment you earn 20 points.
20 Points  
Comment in Forum
For every comment you will earn 10 points.
10 Points  
You can assess each news either as positively or negatively.
20 Points  
Every ShortNews log-in is rewarded with 50 points.
50 Points  
News Submission
For every news submitted you receive 100points.
100 Points  
Participation in the user polls which are run in the newsletter result in 500 points.
500 Points  
Positive Assessment 20 Points  
Everyone starts with an initial points score of 100.
100 Points  
Points are deducted for:
      bad -10 Points  
      very bad -20 Points  
Automatically blocked news
If a news item is assessed more than 9 times and the majority of the assessment is negative, the news is automatically blocked
-200 Points  
Blocked News
If a news item is blocked, the 100 points awarded for delivery are deducted
-100 Points  
Blocking your own News
Some news items can be taken back at any time; naturally, the points for delivery will be deducted
-100 Points  
Negative Assessment    
      not well formulated -20 Points  
      uninteresting -20 Points  
No reason
If a user blocks a news with no reason for every time 100 points will be deducted.
-100 Points  
Suspended News    
      belongs to Soft News! -200 Points  
      belongs to Tips&Tricks! -200 Points  
      Falsely reported -200 Points  
      masked advertising -200 Points  
  If the ShortNews-Team blocks a Reporters news, that reporter will get a deduction of points.
      news appears twice -200 Points  
      news is a hoax -500 Points  
      news is an opinion -200 Points  
      news is illegal! -400 Points  
      news only copied -500 Points  
      wrong source -200 Points  
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