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  Guidelines for news deliveries
Dear ShortNews User,

Thank you for your interest in ShortNews and for the news items which you have delivered to us. In order that a smooth process and high quality standard of our platform is guaranteed, we ask you to comply with the following basic rules.

1. Clearly separate news items and comments
Stay factual. If you wish to submit your own opinion, please do this in one of the news forums as this is why they exist!

Apart from this, with us you have the opportunity to comment on news items by other users. In order to keep our offer clear and orderly structured it must always be recognisable whether it concerns an objective message or a personal view.

2. Name your sources
Please give the relevant online source for all news which you contribute. Only then can other users see how carefully a news item has been researched if necessary.

3. Avoid masked advertising
Good news informs independently on products or companies. An objective report is not masked advertising! Please watch out that you limit yourself to the essentials with your news items, and do not make any recommendations.

4. Consider the quality of your news
With your contribution to ShortNews, you have a certain conscientious obligation. Research thoroughly and check the truthful content of the sources you use. If you have doubts about the correctness of a source, please make this clear in your news item or do not use it as a contribution for ShortNews. Only this way can we maintain the highest standards of quality.

5. Consider copyrights and the rights of authors
News items are intellectual property and therefore may not be distributed without the explicit approval of the author. For copyright reasons you must not, under any circumstances, copy a news item 1:1! News items which point to pages that enable the illegal download of software, cracks etc., cannot be accepted for legal reasons and will therefore be deleted without delay.

6. Consider the further legal basis
Even though every opinion is basically welcomed in the forums at ShortNews, please consider the constitutional law and order, personal sense of honour, peoples dignity as well as their moral, religious and worldly persuasion. Respect other opinions even if they deviate from your own opinion.
Minorities enjoy special protection. All political or general one-sided statements, extreme or inciting views, advertisements for parties or groups as well as the disparagement of opinions by institution or persons will be eliminated from ShortNews without delay. Any recurrence of this infringement against the ground rules will exclude the user permanently from the ShortNews offer.

7. Consider protection for children and young persons
ShortNews will not permit any war or violence glorifying statements. For messages about violent acts and other horrors please limit yourself to the essential information. Pointers to pornographic pages or pornographic and sexist contents are not permitted in the news.

Repeated contrivances will lead to being locked out.

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